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The Change Box is what I would describe as being on the cutting edge of subscription boxes. Within the world there are a lot of issues we are becoming more aware of and most of us I feel like are taking charge and doing what we can in our own lives so we and our future generations can continue to enjoy this world and all of it’s beauty. Most of which we completely take for granted!

What makes this box so appealing to me is the fact that everything included in the box has either been ethically sourced, cruelty free, vegan, fair trade or plant based and supports small business’ across Australia. 

This June box of products come from the Sunshine Coast here in sunny Qld. Just a few hours away from me here in Toowoomba.

They include – 

In Flight Magic
Senda Essentials
Super Duper Food Co.
Bennett Natural Foods Co.

I love the fact this box is more of a lifestyle mix of products. Including both beauty and food. Every single item in this box is something I will either eat (rather quickly) or use regularly. Absolutely nothing in this box is going to go to waste!

The Change Box offers their boxes via subscription or you can purchase a range of sized boxes as a gift.

You can choose to subscribe bi-monthly or for a 6 month subscription. 


Give A Gift

With Afterpay also available I gotta say this one is pretty hard to resist and shipping is only $5.00!! With the size and weight of the box, it would definitely cost a LOT more than that to send. So that is not a lot to pay when you are buying a box of products that are completely guilt free!

Each box will give you between 5 – 10 products. With this month’s being 7 products I feel like this is a nice generous amount since they are all full size and the box only just re-closes shut!

I will definitely be recycling this box and most of the packaging. My recycling bin always fills up faster than my regular wheelie bin which I think is a good thing right?!

Super Duper Food Co. - Original Drinking Cacao

With my 9 month old son having a severe skin reaction whenever I consume any milk/loctose product I have had to cut dairy completely from my diet whilst I am breast feeding. Being the chocoholic I am this has been one hell of a challenge! The craving for chocolate is insane!

Needless to say I am SO excited to get stuck into this product! It is complete dairy free. It’s only ingredients include – 

Organic Raw Cacao
Organic Coconut Sugar
Organic Maca Powder
Organic Spices/Sea Salt
Organic Vanilla Powder

That’s it – the end! Absolutely no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. It is Australian made, organic, plant based, vegan & the packaging is 100% recyclable! 

This product is un-faultable and absolutely delicious too!

You can purchase this product here for $10.95

Also available in Chai flavour! Ahhh yum!!

Biologika - Hand & Body Wash

I can never have enough hand and body washes in my house. Between the 5 of us we go through so much of both of these products. You’d think we were quite the fithy bunch. But really I am just one of those germ-a-fobe mums who can’t afford to get sick and doesn’t have time for sick kids at home from school.

Germs are everywhere man, and they are especially on guard ready to inhibit my families immune system the second my kids enter the school gates. Guaranteed there is always at least one grotty runny rosed kid wiping his nose on his sleeve and then running over to hug one of mine as they greet each other in the mornings. I shudder to think the amount of times they then proceed to hold hands to walk to class, high five or play clapping games throughout the day…. 

You get the picture. This urks me..

I love this product for many reasons. First of all, it’s a 2-in-1. Genus! Means I don’t have to go remerging around the kids bathroom looking for the body wash that’s been emptied. This makes a great back up plan!

It’s also natural, sulphate free, Aussie made, cruelty free and smells oh my god AH-mazing!!

You can purchase this product here for $6.90

Also available in Citrus Rose, Lavender, Bush Lemon Myrtle & Vanilla!

J.Luehders - Soft Candy Fruity Flowers

I am not usually very fond of gummy lollies. I tend to prefer more creamy things like chocolate, caramel and licorice. Before I even got the chance to try these candys my husband had found, opened and devoured half of them! So I thought they must be pretty tasty!

I was right. And since they are vegan,  free from gelatine and articial colours and flavours I can treat myself completely guilt free!

They look pretty cute as little flowers too. My favourite are the red ones.

You can purchase this product here for $3.95

Also available in Exotic Fruits & Red Berries flavour mixes!

Bennett Natural Foods Co - Coconut Dark Choc

This is going to be a difficult one to share. But I know my 8yr old daughter will beg and beg and beg and beg (you get the picture) me to. She LOVES dark chocolate. The more bitter and the higher the percentage of cocoa in it they more she likes it. Weirdo!

Not only is this product organic and vegan and dairy free, it is also a fair trade product. I am 100% there for supporting ethically responsible products who have sourced their ingredients responsibly and fairly. In my (strong) opinion it should be in the law world wide that ALL products be 100% fair trade!!

You can purchase this product here!

Also available in coffee bean and raspberry dark chocolate.

Senda Essentials - Foldable Water Bottle

Senda Essentials is all about supplying you will your everyday essentials to minimise your waste trail. Their products are especially handy for those who travel. I love this brand’s idea for this and I think more of us should get on board. 

I am definitely not perfect when it comes to zero waste. For example – I have a baby. I use disposable nappies. And I use the cheap non bio-degradable kind. Why? Because I have tried those eco friendly nappies and to be completely honest. They suck in every way you can imagine apart from being better for the environment. They are way more expensive, wee leaks out of them, the material they’re made out of tears easily and they do not mould around the shape of my baby making them uncomfortable and irritating.

However I have ALWAYS refused to purchase throw away water bottles. For two main reasons. 1. What an un-neccicary purchase when it is so easy to use your own re-fillable bottle which is so much better for the environment. 2. Water is free, why would I pay for it? My budget is strict. I work my absolute ass off to make the small amount of money I do and I am not going to waste it mindlessly.

Not only is this durable food grade silicone water bottle BPA free and refillable. It is also majorly space saving being that it folds up to less than half it’s size. It’s the perfect size to fit into my handbag to take to work.

You can purchase this product here for $15.95

Also available to purchase in a Senda Essentials Travel Pack which includes a wooden cutlery set, bamboo straw, stainless steel bottle, cotton mesh bag, cotton tote bag and bamboo lunchbox!

Edoxia - Face Mask Bar

Here is a unique kind of facial mask to try! This Australian company from the Sunny Coast Hinterland uses only Australian ingredients which are vegan, cruelty free and 100% palm oil free!

This mask is unique because unlike most facial masks with are either a sheet, thick liquid or powder, this facial mask is actually a solid bar. Kind of like a bar of soap which you use and re-use over and over. This clay bar is more of a crumbly dry clay consistency.

With ingredients like activated charcoal, kaolin clay, witch hazel, aloe vera juice & shea butter. This mask will unclog and clear out your pores like nothing else. Leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth and looking calm and toned.

Unfortunately this particular product is currently SOLD OUT! (Because it is so amazing!).

However Edoxia do have other Mask Bars available in French Green Clay & Pink Australian Clay for $16.50 each. (I am keen beans on the Pink Aussie clay one!).

In Flight Magic - Compassion Mask

Saving a real treasure for last. This product has me admiring it for a few key reasons. Not only is it a gentle and soothing mask. This mask contains aloe vera, white tea, lemongrass, pepper berry, avena sativa oat, red marine algae and organic babassu oil. These ingredients help to heal the skin as well as strengthening it. 

In Flight Magic offer a wide range of facial masks for both men and women. What makes this mask particularly special is that for every Compassion Mask sold, In Flight Magic will donate $1.00 to the charity Blue Dragon which I think is an incredibly important charity who work to rescue children from human trafficking. As a mother, to think of innocent children being trafficked gives me the chills. How certain humans can be that cruel and selfish haunts my mind to think about. 

If there was ever a charity you want to support. I recommend donating anything you can to this one. 

You can purchase this mask here for $9.00

In Flight Magic also offer a range of facial moisturisers, facial oils & men’s products.