Melissa Allen Mood Essentials is a all natural, cruelty free, Australian fragrance brand I recently discovered and I am totally obsessed! 

Not only do these scents smell absolutely divine, refreshing and uplifting. The point of difference with these products which sets them apart from all the rest is that they’re designed with your sense of well being in mind. 

Each scent works together, each with it’s own unique blend of 100% natural oils to ignite our senses to enhance our mood of choice or need.

Today I am going to review these four scents pictured to your left. Available in both 50ml full size frosted glass bottles or a handy 7ml sturdy plastic travel size pump spray. Ideal for your handbag or desk drawer for a handy spritz whenever you want throughout the day!

You can be rest assured the quality of this brand as just this year it has been awarded a ‘Highly Commended’ in the Natural Beauty Awards!

Melissa Allen Mood Essentials also offer a gorgeous range of other beauty products including a Face & Hand cream, Pillow Mist, Body Wash  as well as some lovely bundle packs. 

All of these products are available to purchase online on the official website as well as a range of specialty stores. 

Click here for a full list of stockists!


I Have Calm

Just as the name suggests, this as like all of Melissa Allen Mood Essentials fragrances gives you a feeling and a sense of calm after giving it a spritz. 

The carefully selected blend of calming lavender, stress reducing bergamot & patchouli and relaxing sandalwood make this essential oil fragrance the ultimate de-stresser!

This fragrance smells light and relaxing. The texture feels cooling and is not at all greasy. It feels more like water only it smells amazing, but not over powering. More subtle and very calming!

I Have Calm 50ml is $47.95
(Also available in 7ml travel size).

I Have Confidence

Confidence is not only a quality in our personalities, but I also think it’s a skill we need to work at improving from time to time. Life is full of experiences, good and bad.

With that now and again things happen that can knock our level of confidence and there isn’t always support around to boost us back up again when we need it. 

That’s where dear old Mother Nature can step in and give us a loving hand. This fragrance includes mood and energy boosting grapefruit, mood balancing rosewood, mandarin which calms down nervous energy and bergamot which is said to help reduce anxiety! 

I Have Confidence 50ml is $47.95 (Also available in 7ml travel size).

I Have Focus

I am the most forgetful person ever. Like I mean my short-term memory is like a gold fish! So the I Have Focus scent is definitely one for me!

It contains a blend of balancing rosewood, memory boosting rosemary and frankincense as well as lemon which is believed to stimulate the mind. Such an amazing blend of essential natural oils. 

This creates such an amazing aroma! This one is definitely one of my absolute favourites of the four!

I Have Focus 7ml $23.95 (Also available in 50ml).

I Have Joy

Sometime my life gets a little too busy which can lead to stress and experiencing joy is sadly one of the last things on my mind.

This is a fragrance I need to make time for, for myself! Life should be more joy and less stress. I know I need to slow down, stop and enjoy more.

It has a splendid mix of grapefruit which can enhance your mood. Orange essential oil is said to lift a person’s mood. Whilst ho wood is calming, peaceful and relaxing. Last of all bergamot as I mentioned earlier is a stress reliever. Makes sense to me! 

I Have Joy 7ml $23.95 (Also available in 50ml).

There is so much benefit to these oils than just their scents alone. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning about each and every one and their benefits to our sense of well being.

Melissa Allen Mood Essentials are well worth checking out. For that natural alternative to add to your fragrance collection for every day wear.
Listen to your mood and spray accordingly.

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