For as long as I can remember Tea Tree has always been a well known natural skin healer and one of the most effective ways to control acne prone skin. Even in my teens I remember it being something friends used on their skin in the purist form of 100% Tea Tree Oil and their skin was always looked incredible!

Hola is a brand which is all about natural skincare and so far I have found their products to also be highly effective as well! Here is a quote by them which I think sums up exactly what we all want in our products. 

“The most simple and effective ingredients, brings you the most natural and healthy skin care.” How true!

These products I am sharing with you today are Australian Made and also have recycled packaging. I have been testing out two products from the Hola Tea Tree range however there are more available which I am also itching to try which I will list for you below.

Tea Tree Clearing Toner
Tea Tree Balancing Cleanser
Tea Tree Oil-Control Mask
Tea Tree Conditioning Oil
Tea Tree Purifying Clay Masque
Tea Tree Oil-Control Lotion
Tea Tree Repair Treatment Cream
Tea Tree Pore Purifying Masque

Hola Skincare is available to purchase online and in store at selected beauty stores & pharmacies around Australia. 

Tea Tree Make-up Remover

You know how I love multi-use products! Well here is a great one. Not only does it remove makeup gently and easily leaving your skin clean and refreshed. You can actually use this product solely as your everyday facial cleanser! I have been absolutely loving using this product in this way. 

Just apply to dry skin and gently massage in with clean fingers. Add a little water to your hands and continue to cleanse and rinse. If you have any makeup on your face it’ll dissolve that too. Simple! Done!

This cleanser comes in a 190ml lime green plastic bottle with a handy pump which makes it super easy to use in the shower. No messing about unscrewing and re-screwing on slippery caps! 

The formulation of this product has a clear runny consistency that feels like oil and smells exactly like Tea Tree without being too strong. The scent is light and does not linger on the skin. Rather I found the oily feel to quickly go away as my skin soaked up the oil leaving my skin feeling super hydrated, soft and smooth.

You can find this product online here for a current RRP $29.00

Tea Tree Spot-Clear Essence

The older I get, consequently the better my skin seems to appear! As strange as it sounds, even though my skin is ageing (slowly, thankfully!) I no longer have to worry about acne, not even the odd spot anymore. Since suffering from moderate annoyingly persistent acne up until my mid to late 20’s I never thought I’d see the day when day in, day out my skin is perfectly clear. Big hooray! 

In saying that, I do have a bit of light acne scaring on my cheeks and larger than life pores on some areas of my face. That’s where a product like this Tea Tree Spot-Clear Essence can really come in handy to help heal the skin and ensure skin stays well behaved, clean and clear!

This 30ml plastic bottle also comes in a refreshing lime green design with a dropper in the lid endorsed with a pretty Tea Tree plant on the front as well as in bloom on the front of the box.

Unlike the Tea Tree Make-up Remover, this product does not have a Tea Tree smell to it, rather having more of a super light floral fragrance. It is super nice and has been feeling so nice on my skin. I tend to use this at night after cleansing and before applying my night cream. Since using this for several months now, my pores appear to have tightened up and are much smaller and my acne scaring doesn’t seem as pronounced.

You can find this product here for a current RRP $40.00