If you’re looking to kick off 2021 fresh and get going on the right foot starting with some clean, sustainable and healthy eating, then The Goodie Box is definitely the way to go!

The Goodie Box have you completely covered. You can choose a box to suit your own dietry requirements. Weather it’s dairy free, gluten free, vegan or you’re not that fussed, then you can choose which ever box is the most relevant to your diet.

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If you’re interested to know what was in other past boxes you can check out some of my previous unboxing videos below!

If you know me then you know when it comes to milk my preferred kind is Almond. This is my first time trying out the Nom from Pure Harvest and so far it is great!

Contains: Filtered water, organic oats, organic roasted almonds, organic hi-oleic sunflower oil and sea salt.

Some great key factors with this product is that it is –

Australian Owned
Australian Made
ACO Certified Organic
No Added Sugars
No Added Flavours
No Preservatives
No Dairy
Recyclable Packaging

Also available in Nut Bliss & Creamy Cashew at your local Coles, Woolworths, IGA & other independent supermarkets/grocers.
For more info check out http://www.pureharvest.com.au

Start Me Up - Buckins Cranberry Vegan Cookie

If you’re after a guilt free indulgent treat to satisfy your taste buds this month and you love cookies than this one is for you!

This cookie is not only HUGE, it’s melt in your mouth soft and oh so delicious!

This cookie is so good for you it would be going against a good diet not to eat it really…

Contains –
No Artificial Flavours
No Artificial Sweeteners
No Artificial Colours
No Added Preservatives
No Added Sulphites
No Sugar Alcohols
No Soy

It’s also an excellent source of fibre, protein, magnesium, calcium, iron, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, folate, phosphorus, zinc, iodine and contains vitamins B12, C, D and E!

Certified Vegan! http://www.startmeupnutrition.com

The Bar Counter - Peanut Butter Caramel

Doesn’t just the sounds of the words peanut butter and caramel make your mouth water? Well I know they definitely have that effect on me, so needless to say I couldn’t wait to tuck into this little guy in my round of snacking last month!

The perfect handbag size, this helped to keep my energy levels up and that annoying sluggish mid afternoon feeling far far away on one of my many long, busy working days in retail during November.

Other flavour varieties also available include:

Available at both Woolworths & Coles.

Find out more! http://thebarcounter.com.au

Carmen's Kitchen - Macadamia Raspberry Muesli

Carmen’s products have been a constant in our household pantry for a good I wanna say at least the past ten years give or take. I always have some of their muesli bars for a quick energy snack throughout the day and their breakfast muesli varieties are one of my favs!

Speaking of favs, this macadamia and raspberry mix is so delicious and I love mixing it in with some natural greek yoghurt first up in the morning.

It is a great source of fibre, protein and whole grains to keep your motabolism moving and your energy levels high, which is exactly what I need to get me through my busy days.

I love that Carmen’s is Aussie owned and made and easily found at your local Coles & Woolies as well as online at Catch.com.au

In case you’re interested Carmen’s doesn’t just do a wide cariety of loose muesli and healthy snack bars. They also stock yummy bliss balls, porridge oats, crunchy clusters, protein bars, granola, oat slice and crackers!

Why not stock your pantry with some healthy goodies to start your new year health kick right, that’s what I am going to do! 😀

This guilt free snack is made up of 100% organic ingredients including:

Coconut, brown rice syrup and cranberries which have been slightly sweetened with apple juice. YUM!

The bar is so soft and melts in your mouth after you bite into it. It isn’t too sweet and has a nice flavour to it.

This tasty treat which is also perfect for my busy eat on the go lifestyle is also vegan, gluten free as well as being dairy free which makes it gentle on my easily upset stomach.

Other flavour combinations available include:

Banana Cacao
Lime Sublime
Orange Cream
Cherry Inca Berry
Chocolate Mint
Lemon Fig

These are a perfect alternative to unhealthy chocolate snack bars and give you way more sustained energy!

Slowgrind - Sienna Pocket Pour Over Drip Bag

Here’s an interesting concept which I have been seeing more and more of recently and that is the coffee bag.

This is a single use coffee bag which you simply use by pouring boiling hot water over the bag let sit for desired strength and then dispose of the bag and wa-la you have yourself some delicious slow grind coffee! Similar to a tea bag, only it’s coffee! I love it!

Also available in –

Love Child – Ethiopia Blend
El Dorado – Colorado Blend

As well as freshly roasted bags of coffee beans available to purchase in either 250g or 1kg lots available directly from their website at http://www.slowgrind.com.au

This particular Sienna blend is gorgeously strong and delicious. I highly recommend trying it!

Human Bean Co. - Air Puffed Fababeans

When you see a snack packet with a 5 star health rating on it, you know you’re on to a good thing! Not only that, what impresses me with this product is that it is made in Australia from at least 88% Aussie ingredients grown from Australian family farms. Nice!

These lightly salted beans are super tasty and cure that salty craving in a flash. Made with Faba Beans, Sunflower Oil, Corn, Salt, Mineral Salt and only Natural Flavours. These beans are a healthy source of plant based protein and fibre.

But what makes them sooo healthy? Well, they’re low in saturated fats, low in sugar, are non GMO containing nothing at all artificial and they’re vegan and allergen friendly.

Other flavours available in this Beantastic range include the following –

Original Aussie BBQ
Lime & Black Pepper
Sea Salt & Vinegar
Pizza Supreme

Check them out & support Aussie made and owned!

Way Better Drinks - Strawberry Sparkling Water

Summer is well and truly here and it is HOT! As much as I try to do my body right and drink my eight glasses of water every day. It doesn’t always happen. If there is soft drink, cordial or something else that isn’t from the tap, then I’ll usually reach for that first.

Finding something fizzy in a can that’s actually not that bad for you sure was a surprise to find in my Goodie Box!

This Way Better Strawberry Sparkling Water is sugar free and contains absolutely no calories! What?! Wow!

And don’t worry if you’re not a fan of strawberry they make other flavours as well including –

Lemon Sparkling Water
Ginger Sparkling Water
Original Sparkling Water

Made in Australia from 100% Aussie ingredients!


If you’re like me and find yourself craving some good old fashioned chocolate at some point during each month, then you’d have been excited to find this Table Of Plenty Dark Chocolate pack of two Mini Rice Cakes! Oooh!

Perfect to eat on the go, take to work, throw in your handbag, car or lunch box. Completely guilt free and oh so yummy!

Made with Belgian chocolate and gluten free. This snack is gentle on the tummy as it is fructose free and vegan.

Other flavour varieties include –

Milk Chocolate
Triple Berry
Salted Caramel
Tomato & Sweet Basil
Rosemary & Sea Salt

Only a low 68 calories per 14g serve pack. (x4 Mini Rice Cakes per pack).


Gem Kind - Hand Sanitiser

With another wave of the Corona outbreak hitting the east coast of Australia yet again, it goes without saying just how essential it is to always have some kind of hand sanitiser on you at all times and to use it often!

This 50ml tube from Gem Kind kills up to 99.99% of germs so if that doesn’t help to give you some peace of mind then I don’t know what will.

Made with more than 70% alcohol, this works so well and dries fast. I have been keeping this one in my handbag and taking it everywhere with me lately. Work, grocery shopping, running errands, you name it, if I’m going somewhere so it my Gem Kind Hand Sanitiser!

Gem Kind also stock a great range of natural toothpastes in amazing flavours including –

Crisp Mint
Apple Mint
Coconut Mint
Cinnamon Mint

Find out more at https://www.gem-kind.com

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