Skincare is so much for me. I love discovering different brands and I especially love finding great ones! Glow Baby Skincare is one of those. It embodies everything I admire and respect in a skincare company. They are Australian ethically made, Vegan, Cruelty Free and use natural Australian ingredients like botanical extracts and Kakadu Plum which is full of Vitamin C which is super great for your skin.

Glow Baby Skincare is perfect for all skin types and is even a-okay for acne prone, sensitive and easily irritated skin types. Luckily my skin isn’t any of these things, although it has been through them all in the past, so I can relate and I love that Glow Baby Skincare cares enough to have thought about those of us who are or who have suffered with difficult skin.

After giving these four products a try in my skincare routine lately, I am loving them so far and excuse me but how cuuuute is the packaging!! I am totally in love!


Cleansing Balm - Protect + Hydrate

So the first step in this skincare routine is the Glow Baby Skincare Cleansing Balm which comes in a generous 125ml pump style classic white bottle with pink detail. It looks cute, but it’s also practical in it’s design. Everything it kept neat and tidy, there is no way I can make my usual mess with this bottle!

The formula is thick and white and is the most beautifully scented cleansing balm I have ever had the pleasure of smelling! Said to smell like orange sherbet, my first thought was a beautiful bunch of sweet smelling flowers. It is such a pretty aroma! 

With a blend of Organic Ylang Ylang Oil, Organic Lime Oil, Lavender Flower Extract, Citrus Orange Oil, Cucumber Seed Oil, Rosemary Leaf Extract, Aloe Vera Leaf Juice, Rose Hip Oil + much more, this carefully cultivated mix is my new favourite thing! (Click here for full ingredience list).

I love switching over to cleansing balms from time to time and taking a break from some of my foaming cleansers as cleansing balms such as this are so incredibly hydrating to the skin and feel so soothing and gentle, plus I find them great at removing makeup!

To use, I just use two pumps and gently work the balm all over my face and neck with a very small amount of water and then rise with cool water and a wet face cloth. My skin is left feeling soft and smooth and well hydrated without any greasy feel. 

Suitable for all skin types especially if you have dry skin and I love that it also contains anti-ageing properties. Yes please!

Also, none of Glow Baby Skincare products contain any artificial colours or fragrances, sulphates or parabens in case you were wondering and are good for six months after opening. 

If you’re interested in this product you can purchase it here for $39.00 or in a bundle deal which you can find here. (Afterpay available).

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Glow Miracle Facial Mist - Quench + Replenish​

Next up in this super quick and easy four step line up is the Glow Baby Skincare Facial Mist which is going to quench your skin’s thirst and replenish it at the same time. 

This 125ml bottle is almost identical to the Cleansing Balm only with a slightly lighter pink stripe around the bottom of the bottle and the nozzle is a spray instead of a pump which makes it super fun and refreshing to use by the way. I have been keeping this particular product in my beauty fridge so it is extra cooling on my skin and it feels ah-mazing!

The formula of this mist is a clear liquid which smells very citrusy like orange mainly. Some of the main ingredients in this product which also include one of my absolutely favourites which I am learning more and more about lately and seems to be popping up a lot in skincare recently is Rose Quartz which is full of magnesium, iron and oxygen which is great for clearing and brightening the skin. 

If you’re interested in this product you can purchase it here for $43.00 or in a bundle deal which you can find here.


Moisturiser - Soothe + Rejuvenate

For even more skin hydration which helps to keep your skin soft and prevents early signs of dull, tried and ageing skin you’ll want to pump about two pea size amounts of this sweet smelling (reminds me of a Starburst) Glow Baby Skincare Moisturising delight. 

Contains gorgeous skin loving ingredients like Emu Apple, Pineapple & Lavender Flower Extract, Lemon Peel Oil, Citrus Lime & Cucumber Seed Oil plus a bunch more, this already sounds like a delicious cocktail for my face I want all the time!

This 60ml Glow Baby is rich in vitamins such as C and E to help brighten, tone and protect the skin with it’s antioxidant properties and collagen promotion.

I just adore how well this product not only just moisturises my face, but how it soothes and tightens my pores whilst gently re-balancing my skin’s surface. My skin is positively glowing!

If you’re interested in this product you can purchase it here for $39.00 or in a bundle deal which you can find here.


Glow Miracle Facial Oil - Repair + Nourish

Now to finish up this skincare routine, let me introduce to you the Glow Baby Skincare Glow Miracle Facial Oil! This 30ml pump bottle is the baby of the bunch, but she sure knows just what she is doing let me tell you! Housed in the signature packaging, this peach coloured clear liquid is a skincare lovers dream.

Again boasting an assortment of can’t get enough of scrumptious ingredients for the senses like Pink Lotus Flower Extract, Turmeric, Rosehip & Geranium Oils as well as Watermelon Seed, Seabuckthorn Berry and Papaya it’s no wonder the aroma I get from this product puts me straight into happy mode every time I use it!

This facial oil is super fast absorbing and hydrates your skin instantly smoothing out fine lines and any dry areas. I have also noticed any irritation on my neck also calms down when using this product which was a nice surprise!

If you’re interested in this product you can purchase it here for $59.00 or in a bundle deal which you can find here.


So hands up who wants to try Glow Baby Skincare? 😀 I know I’m sure glad I found them. Make sure you head on over and show them some Insta love and support a local Aussie business who are doing all the right things, cruelty free, vegan and did I happen to mention they’re all about girl power. I just love that! 

Glow Baby Skincare are available to purchase directly from their official website and deliver Australia wide as well as internationally to New Zealand and the US. For shipping rates click here