I have experienced the joy of unboxing a vast selection of subscription services over the years, ranging from beauty, lifestyle, food and motherhood to kids, baby and even adult only boxes. None, however have even come close to this latest one in size, product variety and fun!

Because You Matter offer not only this gigantic 30 Day Gift Box below, but they offer a diverse range of 14 different gift boxes! Their boxes range in theme to appeal to both men and women for just about any occasion you can think of.

Most obviously this would be a box perfect to gift for someone’s birthday so they can experience a little surprise every single day of their birthday month. But really, this box would make such an amazing, unique gift for a lot of different occasions like new mothers, graduation, congratulatory, Valentine’s Day, wedding or engagement gift, anniversary, get well soon or just because.

Intrigued? Keep on reading for a little run down on each and every product in this box. You may also watch my unboxing video above if you would like.

Please note each box may vary slightly to what I have shown.

Current RRP – $299.00

1. Mellow Cosmetics

Tinted Brow Gel $24.50 This Tinted Brow Gel comes in both a light and dark brown shade. This light brown colour goes perfectly over my medium brown brow powder. The gel formula sets the hairs in place nicely, keeping the hairs from straying or moving out of place.

Ethical, Vegan, Cruelty Free & Paraben Free!

2. S&P Salt & Pepper

Polo Stemless Champagne Flute Glasses (Set of 8 $29.95) This set of delicate glasses are a beautiful addition to my kitchen cabinets which definitely lack this kind of classy style.

My husband and I rarely ever drink champagne or any kind of alcohol at all so I can see these being used more for our cheeky late night 80% milo/20% milk binge snack, home made iced coffee or mid morning smoothie.

3. Scentorini Candles

Vanilla Caramel Scented $6 each – If you like creamy, sweet scents then you’ll love this candle mini! I could smell the aroma before I even opened the box! The scent is so delicious and what a bargain.

If you’re into supporting small Aussie businesses right now, here’s a good one. Scentorini Candles has an amazing range of scented products available via DM on Instagram.

4. A Bit Hippy

Serene Scalp Shampoo $8.90 I am new to this brand and I am so happy to have been in torduced to it through this gift box! I never really thought about the fact that to have healthy hair, first starts with a healthy scalp.

That’s where this Serene Scalp Shampoo comes in! This product also contains natural ingredients, no silicones and is edible! What?! LOVE it!

5. Metal Straws

Rose Gold/Silver + Cleaner – I have caught onto the metal straw band wagon before because I love the thought of not being so wasteful with a one time use plastic utensil that a lot of the time ends up in our waterways and oceans which breaks my heart at the damage it causes.

The metal straws I previously purchased are curved at the top which makes them harder to clean. I love these ones because they are straight and a lot easier to keep clean with the spoolie.

6. Charles + Lee

Coffee Soap Bar Duo $10.47 If there is one product my household goes through much more than others, it’s soap! Weather it’s liquid soap or bar soap, soap is soap and we use it a lot! With three, busy, grubby kids to keep germ free, having plenty to cleansers on hand is essential.

This duo is perfect just for us grown ups of the house. The hubby and I love our coffee and these smell top notch! They are gently exfoliating as well as hydrating.

White Knight Tea & Barista Blend CoffeeThere is not much more relaxing than a good old cup of coffee or your favourite nice cup of tea. These are sample sachets which are also available in 50g bags.

So far I have tried the Barista Coffee Blend which was pretty good! The White Knight is a Chinese organic white tea which is great for both the body and skin. I’m looking forward to trying it!

8. Find Your Bling

21 Day Bling Blast – Everyone has a little inner bling, you know, your inner sass, self confidence, self worth and life plan. But there are times when life throws you a grenade, knocks you down with no way up.

Bling Blast offers a 21 day 6 module course to motivate, inspire, encourage and support you in finding your inner bling again.

9. Le Reve

Parfum In The Direction of Angel – This high strength perfume sample is gorgeous! And after discovering it’s blend of ingredients now I know why. How does a mix of blueberry, dewberry, tangerine, vanilla, chocolate, jasmine, rose and patchouli sound?

Pretty delicious I say! Inspired by fairy floss and toffee apples, oh yeah this is my kinda scent!

Umbrella $25.00 – Everyone needs a decent sized, reliable umbrella and since my one and only has completely decided to disappear off the face of the earth, this is a very welcome addition to my everyday essential items!

Classic-ly black and a decent size. This umbrella is now living in my car for those ‘just in case’ days.

11. Because You Matter Pen

Rose Gold/Black Crystal Pen $10.00 Another essential item in this box and I am loving all of these practical products. Everybody uses pens, granted not everyone cares for the cuteness over practicality. However I do and this pen has both.

With practical black ink and aesthetically pleasing black shiny crystals and rose gold casing. This is my kind of pen! – Where do I sign?

12. Mellow Cosmetics

Glitter Chrome Gel Eyeshadow in “Champagne”I am loving everything in this box and this product is up there as one of my absolute favourites!

This little pot of glittery goodness is shimmer city! Best applied wet for maximum impact and statement making, otherwise it applied quite opaque and sheer with a shimmer hit. Completely gorgeous worn both ways though. Absolutely a beautiful product!

13.White Cotton Scarf

This sheer, white, cotton scarf is just lovely. I would say this would be more of a cool Spring day or windy Autumn day kind of fashion statement as it wouldn’t be thick enough for icy Winter days.

I love this scarf though! It’s so pretty with rose gold glitter flowers adorned all over it. It is very feminine and light to wear. I am very happy to be adding this addition into my wardrobe.

14. Seed Creations

Lavender Grow Kit – Fun fact. I can’t grow or keep plants alive. I am a plant killer. Which in hindsight is very odd as I am an extreme nature lover and care very deeply for the environment. But… plants just have a habit of shrivelling up and dying in my custody. My reasoning is that I think plants thrive better in nature when left to Mother Nature. I am a mother of 3 little monsters, not plants. 

I do however have plans for this little guy to be adopted to my parent-in-laws who will 100% nurture this lil baby with all their other luscious, green and thriving off spring.

15. A Bit Hippy

Natural Cream Deodorant $7.50 – I have tried so many different natural deodorants over the past couple of years, because they have so many more pros than cons that regular anti-perspirants have and I have to say they really are the way to go for me. 

A Bit Hippy have really hit the mark with this product. Not only does it smell amazingly fresh and clean, more importantly it is actually so effective and keeps me pong free all day long!

16. Gift Voucher - The Author Academy

Writing Masterclass $997 – If you’ve ever thought about writing your own novel or book but wasn’t sure where to start. The Author Academy is a great place to start! They offer a range or courses to help get your on your way all the way up to publication and promotion.

This gift voucher is a Writing Masterclass guiding you on how to correctly write and get your book publish ready! 

17. Because You Matter

Hairbrush $25.00 – All my life I have struggled with my hair. Weather it’s been too thick, too frizzy, too long, too dry, split ends, etc. It has been high maintenance to say the least! Not to mention trying to keep it as blonde as possible for a good twenty years! 

Needless to say it I have given it a lot of TLC. That’s where hair bushes like this one come in. The kind of bristles this one has makes your hair way less frizzy and, gets the tangles out easily and smooths the hair if you have static. 

Tip: Watch my video above as I show you up close how the bristles look!

18. Yes Studio

More Self Love Bath Fizzer $4.75 – With everything that’s been happening and effecting each of us in different ways, there is definitely some need for a bit of self love for all of us.

This aromatic lovey dovey bath bomb should do the trick! Even just 10-20 once a week is something nice to have a bit of time out for ourselves. Life can get crazy, it can get stressful and boy does it throw us come curve balls! 

How we choose to handle things, gives us back a sense of feeling in control. Even just a little bit, but it makes such a massive difference to our wellbeing.

19. Mellow Cosmetics

Matte Liquid Lip Paint in “Sydney”Seriously impressed with this brand and don’t know how I haven’t come across it sooner. This Matte Liquid Lip Paint is super nice and I am digging the shade.

I find darker brownish, deep earthy red tones look best on me and this kind of fits into that category with a hint of pinky nude, this lippy definitely compliments my skin tone really well.

20. A Bit Hippy

Exfoliating Bar Pink Clay & Pumice $9.90 –  How clever is this beautiful, blush block of pure joy? I have never, ever seen or heard of a body exfoliating bar/pumice in one! Wow, I am seriously impressed. As a bit scrubber lover I am loving this product even more!

It smells like magic and works a real treat. But don’t worry it isn’t too rough or scratchy. To give you an idea of it’s scent, it contains a blend of olive, coconut and sunflower! Devine! 

21. Paudha Healing

Clean & Balance Cleansing Oil & Nourish & Repair Face Oil – Ever since I started beauty blogging around the time my first was born I discovered cleansing oils. Growing up my skin was naturally oily and acne prone so the thought of adding even more oil to my face seemed like a crazy idea!

However, the fact that these are oils doesn’t mean they will make your skin oily. On the contrary, they actually balance out your skin’s sebum, nourishing and healing the skin. These products by Paudha are particularly great, but skin has felt really great since using this pair together.

22. InnaMuse

Honey Gone Nuts 400g $12.00 – (Sample Size in the Box).

I am a bit of a muesli nut. I eat it every single day for breakfast, sometimes I’ll even have it for lunch on days where I’m feeling a bit heavy and just want something light. 

This InnaMuse blend is toasted and delicious! Paired with almond milk and a bit of fruit, anything that’s on hand and you have yourself a super healthy, filling meal!

Garden Of Wonder Hand Cream – Here’s a company to get behind! This business sells beauty products and makes gift hampers with a percentage of every sale going directly to http://www.sleepbus.org who provide the homeless with a safe and secure place to sleep off the streets. 

I have recently watched a few episodes of Filthy Rich & Homeless and it really opens your eyes to what is really happening in our country. It’s very sad and also frustrating at the same time. We really shouldn’t judge. Coming from a shaky upbringing myself, I can really sympathise and relate to some of what these people are going through.

24. Seven Islands Skincare

All Natural Lip Balm – Are you more of a balm kinda person than a bright colourful lippy kind of girl? Well then, you’re going to love this!

All natural, (obviously!) and contains organic ingredients. Tastes delicious with a mixed blend of olive oil, olive & rosemary leaf extract, sweet almond and essential oils. 

Makes my lips feel soooo smooth! Warning, you will become obsessed with the feeling!

25. Charles + Lee

Charcoal Face Scrub $18.95 – Even though this is a ‘men’s’ brand, I am keeping this bad boy all for my lil self! Having tried Charles + Lee’s hand cream in the past (so good btw) I really want to try this face scrub as well. 

With a mix of walnut shell and charcoal powder, this ingredient combo has me intrigued. This product is like a detox for the skin to prep it for shaving or in my case to apply makeup/skincare!

26. Compact Mirror

This brandless mirror is totally fuss free, feminine and functional at the same time as being minimal and compact.

I love this little mini for the purse to have handy on the go for throughout the day touch ups! So cute!

27. Bilpin Archibald

High ‘N’ Dry Apple Cider It’s not often you find a beverage in a can that’s good for you. This has no added sugar, is gluten free and low in carbs.

Served chilled, this tasted really refreshing and light. Warning – It was VERY strong though! But drunk slowly with a good meal made it super nice. 🙂

28. A Bit Hippy

Serene Scalp Conditioner $8.90 – How very thoughtful to have the matching conditioner to the A Bit Hippy Serene Scalp shampoo to try in this box! 

So very keen to get this in my hair as soon as possible. Trying to move away from chemical products as much as possible and use more vegan, Aussie and eco friendly products and brands. This is one to feel good about using!

Smile Boosters have such a wide variety of oral care products to choose from for all ages and dental requirements. Twenty dollars doesn’t seem like a lot these days, and to be frank it really isn’t. However I managed to make mine go a long way and ordered quite a lot of fun teeth cleaning goodies for the whole family!

These two CareDent packs for kids ($6.58 each) are the best! Each contains mini kids toothpaste, fun glitter toothbrush, mini dental floss, encouraging dental kids stickers and a two minute mini plastic sand timer to encourage adequate brushing. This mum is a big fan!

30. Le Reve

Aromatherapy Intensive Hit Roll-On $33.50This is a product I was very excited to give to my hubby to try. He suffers from chronic headaches which is hard to watch as nothing seems to work to get rid of them or ease the pain.

This contains natural essential oils including, jojoba, lemon, lime, lavender and peppermint and smells a little zesty and quite uplifting. After about an hour my hubby said this has taken the edge off and he was feeling a lot better. Not a complete cure, but it did work to relieve some of the pain.