Sapphire Skin Antioxidant Glow Collection Set Review + Video!

Australian skincare has always been in the forefront of my everyday beauty routine. When it comes to quality, effective products, you don’t need to go very far. Right here on Aussie soil is where you’ll find the most unique, powerful, beautiful, hard working ingredients that you’ll ever need in your skincare routine. We are lucky to have access to such a rich variety of vitamins, natural fragrance and texture in our own back yards.

Sapphire Skin uses many beautiful active ingredients in their products from lemon tea tree, parsley seed oil, petitgrain, sea buckthorn and avocado to chia seeds and mangosteen and rich berries like goji, bilberry and blueberries. Their products only contain natural preservatives and are vegan friendly, cruelty free and natural. There are no nasty toxic chemicals, parabens, sulphetes or artificial colours or fragrances.

I have seen my skin transform before my very eyes since using this skincare range in such a positive way. My skin appears so well rested even though I am currently running on very little sleep. I can feel my skin instantly relax whenever I delve into this quick routine twice a day and I love that it doesn’t take very long to complete each step and let’s me treat myself to a little bit of self love for just a few minutes morning and night.

This Gel Cleanser has a thick, transparent consistency which lightly foams up when massaged gently into your skin with warm water.

One of my absolute favourite times of my busy day is when I finally get to remove all of my makeup after a loooong day!

Not only does this Antioxidant Glow Gel Cleanser deeply cleanse your skin deep down, removing all of the built up grime and pollution from the day’s air which sets on our face as we go about our days.

Those nasty, tiny particles that float through the air and settle onto our makeup and into our pores can really cause long term damage if we don’t remove it all daily!

Free radical damage caused by pollution in the air can cause premature ageing by damaging cells in our skin making it break down faster. Not something you want, so all the more reason not to skip that nightly cleanse no matter how tired you are!

I love how refreshing and calming this cleanser feels on my skin. It removes makeup with ease so it doesn’t take me long at all to get the job done!

200ml / 6.7oz

When I was a teenager I had a pretty consistent cluster of break outs all over my face all the time. I hated it and suffered it up until adulthood when my skin finally settled itself down.

One product I found more effective than any other and helped with the excess oil and redness was using a toner several times a day.

Fast forward about fifteen odd years and now we have other fun products to play with like Mist Toners like this one with ingredients like aloe vera and berry extracts which soothe, cool and hydrate the skin.

This product is packed full of antioxidants which also helps in fighting premature signs of ageing. Yes please!

This 125ml fully recyclable bottle coats your skin in a super relaxing, calming, light and natural scent which feels really nice and especially cooling on hot days after keeping the product in the fridge for a while. It also helps to wake up my skin first thing in the morning after cleansing. 

125ml / 4.2oz

I have always been a strong believer in moisturising the skin to keep it looking young and keeping it’s elasticity and strength. So far it has been working and I don’t plan on stopping any time soon.

Super rich hydrators like this one make all the difference especially when used at night.

For me anyway, I find when used generously to let work over night when our bodies are naturally working at this time to heal themselves. This is when I see the most dramatic difference in my skin.

This product has ingredients like mangosteen which is great for anti-ageing, fighting free radicals and calming the skin.

Rice protein which helps the skin retain moisture keeping it hydrated, smooth and elastic.

Wheatgrass which is also anti-ageing. And finally vitamins A and E which are anti-ageing and skin healing.

60ml / 2oz

I love using this dropper style bottle of liquid gold!

Just gently dabbing it onto my skin with the base of my hands in light motions all over my face and neck each morning and night feels very nourishing and luxe.

I think it’s so easy to just focus on our faces and forget that the neck it attached and if we forget to treat it with the same attention as our faces it will so obviously age faster giving away our true age!

Don’t get me wrong. I do actually think getting older is a privilege, however I would prefer to do it not only by just being vein and looking younger, but actually having my skin be as healthy and strong as possible so it can last as long as possible, by being in the best condition possible to prevent preventable skin issues down the track.

This serum has some very powerful anti-ageing ingredients including sea buckthorn, which is one of my most favourite ingredients as it aids in skin cell rejuvenation which is so essential to keep fueled for as long as possible as well as hydrating jojoba oils, chia seeds and avocado.

30ml / 1.oz

Now last but definitely not least as this iis probably my most favourite product from this whole entire skincare range it this incredible Antioxidant Glow Exfoliation Mask!

This dry textured mask is a mix of raw oats, coconut powder, green tea, quinoa seeds and chia seeds.

It has a very natural spa like scent and when added into a thick paste mixed with a few drops of pure water or Sapphire Skin’s Antioxidant Glow Mist Toner, it gently exfoliates the skin as you apply it in small circular motions on the surface of the skin.

The texture is actually very soft and gentle and does not feel abrasive or harsh at all. When dry the formula feels very soft and light as well.

Let sit for 10-15 minutes before gently washing off or wiping away with a warm, damp cloth.

Recommended to use 1-2 times per week. This is what I look forward to doing on the weekends to treat myself and my skin to some tender love and care!

90g / 3.1oz

Sapphire Skin’s Antioxidant Glow 100% Australian made skincare collection set is currently available to purchase direct from their website for $169.99 which includes free shipping. And if you sign up for the latest updates on their website you will get 10% off. PLUS…. Sapphire Skin has been kind enough to offer you, my readers an additional 15% off if you add the code CANDY15 at the checkout. That’s a total saving of 25% off on your first order which is insanely generous!

Make sure you watch my video review at the top of this page to see a little demo of how I use these products and let me know if you are keen to give them a try!