Even though restrictions have eased slightly lately, most of us as parents are still spending plenty of our time at home with the kids with home schooling still very much in full swing!

Any parent knows all too well the challenges that come with keeping the little ones entertained. This has proven especially hard lately with #isolation and strict stay at home restrictions firmly in place.

My three, Imbi 9, Rory 6 and Kyan 1 and a half are handling the situation really well, although they’re missing their school mates (I’ve recently learned what Zoom is as they begged me to let them face time their friends). Like normal siblings they fight and to be honest not being able to just take them to the park to burn off some built up steam has been a right pain in the A!

Thanks to the wonderful world of the Internet I have been able to search a million, billion different. clever and crazy ideas to try to keep these three entertained over the past six weeks including – board games, baking, painting, play doh, lego, kid aerobics, jigsaw puzzles, card games, gardening, ‘helping’ with the house work and de-cluttering their toys. 

Keeping the older two off their iPads is the biggest challenge because as soon as they get sick of doing whatever super great non screen time/tech idea I’ve given them they seem to snap straight back to playing Roblox, Minecraft or watching YouTube videos like a rubber band! 

However, I did recently learn you can purchase an awesome wide variety of kids e-books right off Google Play and Amazon which are incredibly affordable. I love it because with all of the book stores closed due to Covid19 we can still give our kids something fun and entertaining to read AND they can practice their reading skills right off their precious iPads!

The most recent book Imbi and Rory have been enjoying reading to their little brother Kyan is this one called Henry The Grasshopper and the Pineapple Juice Adventure by Aussie author/illustrator, Dan Skill. 

It’s a great story as the main character makes an innocent mistake which is so relatable to young kids in the age category that mine are in. It teaches kids about empathy and problem solving and working together to achieve shared success. 

The book is a good 20 pages long and has beautiful, bright and colourful illustrations also created by Dan which flow along with the storyline. 

Image above – Rory, Kyan and Imbi reading Henry the Grasshopper and the Pineapple Juice Adventure

Do you have kids at home bored who need something new to do? This book kept my three entertained for a good hour at least as the older two took turns reading each page to their little brother.

Rory, who cannot sit still at the best of times, thought it was great fun acting out the part of Henry the grasshopper throughout the whole book and jumping around the living room and making Kyan giggle his little head off!

Set on the picturesque Aussie Sunshine Coast, author and illustrator Dan Skill has done an amazing job creating this beautiful story and is definitely one I know we’ll be reading over and over again. 

Don’t forget you can snap this book up for a steal at just $1.99 from your Google Play store and also available here on Amazon.