“You only get one body in this lifetime. You need to look after it, nurture it and love it as best you can.” This quote by Fresca founder Elda Kingston rings so incredibly true to me and I am sure many can relate. Particularly considering the uncertain crazy time we find ourselves living in so far in 2020! If ever we needed reminding that life is short, our bodies are not invincible and we do actually have some control in taking care of ourselves and potentially prolonging our lives for as long as possible, then this is that time!

Fresca are very conscious of what they put into their products and how harmful chemical ingredients can be to our bodies over time. These deodorants are 100% natural, but not only that they do actually work and let me tell you these incredibly fresh and uplifting naturally scented roll ons will give you so much pitt confidence you’ll be waving your arms around to keep your social distancing in check whilst refreshing the air around you at the same time.

Available in seven beautiful aluminium free varieties including Ocean, Jaisara, Wooden Spice, Wild Lavender, Valley Rose & Unscented these products are Australian made and owned, cruelty free, alcohol free, paraben free and have been the proud winners in the Nature  & Health Natural Beauty Awards!

Let me tell you about four of them…

With cypress and juniper berry this deodorant boasts a very clean, fresh scent which I really love. It is said to be a calming and mind clearing so I love choosing this scent for the weekends to help me to relax and so far it is doing a great job!

This hand made (like all Fresca products) blend free from any synthetic ingredients by the way is a great universal scent suitable for both men and women. In fact Fresca deodorants are even safe for kids to use if need be and I have personally found these formulations not to sting my skin if I apply them immediately after shaving!

Vegan friendly!

With ylang ylang and jasmine as I recently mentioned on Instagram, this is my number one favourite scent out of these four that I have tried. The scent just encapsulates my senses like nothing else. The fragrance is just gorgeous, I can’t get enough of it! 

At the moment I am trying to alternate between all four Fresca deodorants, however this is the one I gravitate towards the most. Suitable for even sensitive skin types, this natural oil blend is soothing to the skin and also balances out if you have either oily or dry skin. Clever!

One element I find really appealing over most other deodorants and particularly natural ones is that these Fresca formulas apply wet so you can feel you’re getting it all in the right place and also good distribution onto the pit, but then it also dries really fast so you can continue getting dressed and don’t have to worry about it transferring or soaking onto your clothes and then having it being ineffective and having to re-apply!

With sandalwood, cedarwood and carrot seed. This unisex scent rings true to it’s title. This smells very woody with a touch of spice. Not typically my kind of scent, but if you’re into more masculine, mature, non floral, sweet scents, then this is the one for you! Contains antibacterial and anti fungal power punches!

However being 100% natural, aluminium free and all that other good stuff I mentioned before, you can bet I’ll be using this up until that roller ball runs completely dry. I love knowing I am applying a safe, chemical free product that is good for me, let’s my body sweat naturally without clogging my pores/sweat glands whilst still keeping the odour at bay. 

Fresca deodorants are also non sticky, so the roller ball applies the product smoothly and with ease. 

With patchouli and geranium as you might imagine smells so very relaxing and lasts the whole day!

I have been applying these at around 7am in the mornings right through until when I finally get to shower at around 10pm and I can still smell the Fresca aroma under my arms before I wash it off. These really are super long lasting!

I read somewhere that if you drink more water as apposed to when you don’t and your body is dehydrated your body odour doesn’t smell as much. So even though I try to be mindful to look after myself and keep up the H20 regardless, as knowledge is power, now I have even more reason to keep well hydrated throughout my busy days. 

I honestly cannot recommend Fresca natural deodorants enough. They really are great quality, effective products which I think if we all made the switch and gave them a try, everyone would love them too! 

Available to purchase here for a current RRP of $16.50 each at https://fresca-natural.myshopify.com/collections/all

You can even save yourself a nice $6.10 if you purchase yourself a two pack!

Facial Serum Elixir and Mood Stick Parfum varieties also available from this Aussie brand!