With 2020 well under way and our lives filled up with to-do lists, goals and new year resolutions, it’s easy to get caught up in the rush and trying to keep up with it all that we (and I am definitely guilty of this)  often forget to or simply just make the excuse that there is just no time left to take some time out just for ourselves to unwind, re-adjust and just clear our heads for a while. 

Hart & Soul are a beautiful Australian made and owned company focused on Mindful Gifting. Gifting with positive intention. Weather it be for yourself, a loved one, mother-to-be or your children. Hart & Soul offer a wide range of calming, cleansing and balancing products for everyone. And with Mother’s Day not too far off in the distant future, here is a Mindful Gift Box of goodness to keep in mind when you start scratching your head in a few short months wondering what to get your hard working old mama bear. 

All Hart & Soul products are vegan and made using 100% natural ingredients. They believe in making self care a priority and I couldn’t agree more! Amongst their stunning, down-to-earth, addictively scented array of products including not only the five products I am about to tell you all about below, but there are also lip balm, deodorant, body wash, hair products, bath products, soy candles, even affirmation cards available and more!

If you happen to visit or live around the southern western area of Sydney near Campbeltown then I would recommend keeping an eye on Hart & Soul’s Facebook and Instagram socials for updates on when and where their next market stall appearance will be so you can see, smell, touch and experience these beauties for yourself before purchasing.

You also can purchase Hart & Soul so easily directly from their Shopify store. http://www.hartandsoulco.myshopify.com

Smudge Cleansing Stick

You know that feeling when you come home from a trip away or even just coming home from work or being out all day and you just have to open up all the doors and windows to let in the fresh air. Feeling the cool breeze drift gently through the house is such a refreshing feeling and one I do every day!

Sometimes stale air can linger and create negative energy within our space and home. Carefully burning something like this Cleansing Smudge Stick helps to re-set the space helping to clear and balance your mind and improve your energy levels. Not to mention smells ah-mazing!

With a blend of ingredients like lavender, gum leaf, sage, gypsy and roses all you need to do is walk it clockwise around your home as it burns slowly from the top,  making sure to get right into the corners and dark areas and let the smoke drift.

Calm Balm

I have learned so much about myself since becoming a mum. I never knew how strong I could be both physically and mentally. To be honest I actually had no idea how extreme these levels could even exist! I’ve learned in keeping calm in both extreme and day to day situations really is a conscious way of thinking. When you’re over worked, sleep deprived and pushed to the very limit by 3 demanding kids it is very easy to just snap and keeping calm does not even come into play until all is asleep and you fall into an exhausted heap on the nearest spare piece of floor. 

Calm Balm is a great invention and handy little reminder to myself to stop, take a DEEP breath, close my eyes for 3 seconds and remember that if I explode then that’s just not going to be helping anybody!

The delicious aroma of this product with it’s mix of vegan shea butter, pink clay, rosehip oil, candelilla wax as well as essentials oils including rose geranium, ylang yalng, frankincense, bergamot and patchouli as it lingers through the air around me as I have it rubbed onto my skin on my temples and wrists help me to remember and be more mindful of my reactions, intentions and the atmosphere I control.

Sleep Spritz

This dreamy 200ml recyclable glass spray bottle has quickly made itself comfortable on my bedside table. I don’t like a lot of clutter and I only keep my lamp, phone and current read on there with a hand cream. So to make it here, you’ve got to be pretty spesh!

This liquid recipe contains distilled water with a mix of essential oils which include chamomile, lavender, ylang, ylang and grapefruit it is perfect to help you drift off to a peaceful deep sleep. 

Personally, I can fall asleep just about anywhere, anytime within about 5 seconds if given the chance so this isn’t what I use this product for. BUT I just adore the relaxing, natural fragrance it creates as I spritz a few sprays onto my pillow each night before collapsing into a heap for a few hours before getting up to feed my youngest in the early hours. 

This Sleep Spritz is definitely a selfish little treat of mine, which I don’t have to share and it relaxes and calms me at night and makes me feel happy and at peace as I reflect on the day.

Body Glow

Do you love Starburts? Well this product smells exactly like a yellow one! I can’t stop sniffing it and am almost tempted to taste it! haha! 

It is a solid, thick blend of vegan shea butter, vegan rosehip oil and lemongrass, lime & orange essential oils. It has a very similar texture to the Calm Balm and super hydrating, instantly taking the dry feeling and appearance of my skin away, leaving it smelling amazing and looking healthy and glowy.

Like all Hart & Soul products, the packaging can be recycled or re-used which is a huge plus! 

This generously sized 250g jar of Body Glow has joined my daily body moisturising routine each night after showering. My legs and feet tend to get the driest so I focus mainly on massaging this product into my skin in these areas, however I also use this on my arms and stomach because it smells so good, I can even still smell it when I wake up in the morning, I just love it!

Detox Vegan Soap

Just look at this natural beauty! This soap is almost too pretty to use and looks to me like a piece of art. 

This Detox Vegan Soap is super effective at making your skin feel cleansed and smelling fresh again. I also love how hydrating it also is with the blend of essential oils in it including lavender, sweet orange and peppermint. 

The dried assortment of natural Aussie leaves, petals and herbs on the top also feel really good on the skin as they gently exfoliate leaning my skin incredibly soft and really smooth all over. 

There is just something so much better about hand made, natural soaps rather than commercially made, chemical filled soaps full of chemicals, paragons and sulfates which dry out the skin.

I feel so much better using a product which is not only Australian, natural, vegan and cruelty free but also supporting small local business’ and using ingredients on my skin I can actually pronounce and know exactly what they are and that they’re healthy and completely safe to use.

Hopefully as more and more Australian, natural, vegan products emerge we can eventually take over the bigger chemical filled not so natural cheaper products out there and see more brands and products like Hart & Soul on our supermarket shelves and products which contain harmful, harsh ingredients and brands who still test on animals be completely banned. Seems so far fetched right now, but I honestly see consumers and some companies taking charge and it eventually becoming a reality. 

Here’s to a healthy body, healthy mind and a healthier, greener world! Shop local! Shop natural! Shop vegan!

Shop Hart & Soul! -> http://www.hartandsoulco.myshopify.com