There is no doubt minimalism is no longer taking precedence in peoples lives. Becoming more minimal and reducing personal waste consumption is the now and in this new decade beginning in 2020, we (well a large population of us at least)  as the biggest polluters of the past are changing our ways and taking responsibility for ourselves and our future.

It makes me feel really good about myself when I discover a product such as Shampoo With A Purpose’s Shampoo Bar’s. This brand has it so right! From minimal, recyclable packaging, being cruelty free and vegan to sulphate, paraben and palm oil free ingredients. I’m no rebel. I like to do what is ethically right whenever I can. Using these products and supporting this Australian brand allows me to do my part, however small it might be in reducing my own plastic and chemical waste.

Just ONE shampoo bar is the equivalent to SIX shampoo bottles! Now that is incredibly long lasting and great value for money!

Shampoo With A Purpose offers a total of four different varieties of shampoo bars to choose from to cater for a range of different hair types including ; 

  • The O.G
  • Volume
  • Colour Treated
  • Dry/Damaged

And if you’re keen to keep on with the doing good thing then you should be as excited as me to learn this brand has just newly added a range of other household products to their range which I highly recommend checking out here. (I am most keen on getting my hands on their dishwashing block just quietly!)

So let’s get back on track and talk about these Shampoo Bars! This first one is The O.G. This is the original shampoo bar. This no fuss basic bar gets the job done efficiently and is suitable for all hair types. 

With a mix of super hydrating ingredients including de-frizzing and hair repairing shea butter, soothing coconut oil as well as argan oil which helps control dandruff and promotes hair growth and tropical smelling natural coconut. This original bar seems to do it all!

My hair looooves this bar! It smells amazing and is so easy and quick to use. It keeps my hair tangle free and smooth and easier to manage when dry. My hair feels so soft after using this, I can’t stop touching my hair!

As the name is obvious I don’t need to tell you what this Shampoo Bar is for. If you want to add some more volume to your hair then this one will do just that. 

My hair is thick so volume isn’t an issue for me until it gets greasy after not washing it for a week. (Yep, I’m one of those mums with the greasy hair! Totally guilty!) Sorry, not sorry. 

But I have to say, this product has given my hair some extra va-va-voom of late and I can’t say I hate it! 

The scent of this bar is very different to The O.G. It has more zing and zang and I find it most uplifting to use on the weekends when I tend to wash my hair in the mornings. 

Did I mention you can also use  these Shampoo Bars as all over the body regular soap bars? They work really well as a daily body wash, hand wash and I’ve even shaved my underarms and legs a few times with both of these with great results!

Shampoo With A Purpose is available to purchase online direct from their website for a current RRP of $15.00 AU each. 

Check them out here! – https://www.shampoowithapurpose.com