One Click Smile is an Australian product created by Dental Hygenist Tanaz Warden. You can rest assured and have confidence in this safe and effective product which is safe and convenient to use everyday.

My teeth have never been in the best condition. From the age of eleven I had to wear braces for two years, then when I hit 18 and started working two jobs at a time I discovered the power of coffee, not necessarily even enjoying the taste as much as only drinking it to stay awake and somewhat energised on those late night shifts. Needless to say over the years in taking up that addictive habit the coffee turned my lovely white teeth an off shade of yellow. In addition to having three kids over the past 8 years, I have to admit caffeine has played a mighty big part in keeping me sane at trying times throughout many sleepless nights… Anyway, I could go on but the point is if this sounds somewhat familiar to your situation then something like this kit might work for you as it has done for me, more so than the 194652.1 different types of whitening toothpastes I have tried over the years promising super duper white teeth and barely doing anything at all.

This One Click Smile kit is at least a hundred times more effective at whitening your teeth at home. Not to mention giving you obvious results in as little as within 2-3 days and really dramatic results within about a week. Since using this kit on a regular basis over the past few months I am still constantly getting questions and compliments from people I know about how “good” & “happy” I am looking lately. Like they are trying to figure out what’s different and then some will say, “Wow! Your teeth are so white, how do you get them like that?!” Such a mood boosting confidence builder when I have just turned 36 and feeling a little on the worn out and haggard side. ^-^

The One Click Smile kit comes in a sturdy white box which shuts closed magnetically keeping the contents inside safe and secure. The packaging is attractive and on trend with it’s rose gold design on the front of the box stating “You’re only a click away from an awesome smile.” Which is fitting and true for the product. 

In the box you’ll find three 2ml whitening gel pens which contain hydrogen peroxide, glycerin, carpobol, triethanolamine, peppermint oil, propylene glycol and purified water to help whiten your teeth. No sensitivity is felt when using the product. Each pen is labeled with Day 1 – Day 2 – / Day 3 – Day 4 – / Day 5 – Day 6 – to guide you with using the pen which you just twist from the bottom which moves the gel to the top and into the brush fibres which you then apply to your teeth.

Also included in the kit is the LED light accelerator which fits comfortably into your mouth around your teeth to complete the teeth whitening process. It feels like rubber and is smooth and tasteless. I like that I don’t need to stretch it around my gums making it so comfortable I almost forget I have it in half the time. Either when I’m either reading a book before going to bed or doing my makeup in the morning before work. One of the benefits of the One Click Smile kit is being able to multi-task whilst using it to get more done in less time. I’m a mum of 3 so I like that! The other end of the cord contains three different ports which you can choose to either plug into your phone adaptor or just your phone itself to power the LED light on the go.

Lastly and probably one of the simplest yet most fun items in the kit is the teeth whitening shade guide results chart (pictured below) which gives you a total of 15 shades to help you keep track of your teeth whitening journey. My before and after pictures taken below were taken just 7 days apart. I think the results clearly speak for themselves as my teeth have brightened up by at least 4-5 shades! I am completely blown away!

Overall the whole DIY whitening process only takes ten minutes a day and once you come to a shade you’re happy with there is no need to repeat the process until you feel like you need to. One Click Smile recommends repeating the 7 day process depending on your own individual situation/needs. 

So in case you’re now wondering, the One Click Smile kit retails for an RRP of $199.99 AU, however it is currently on sale at only $79.99 AU and ships FREE! (Afterpay available!) They also have refill kits available as well as The Natural Family Co whitening toothpastes. One Click Smile offer a very generous 90 day money back guarantee so it’s safe to say it’s worth giving it a try!

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