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I don’t know about you but my feet tend to be one of the most neglected body parts. Thinking
about my own personal foot care, I kind of feel a bit guilty since my feet work pretty damn
hard carrying me around all day long especially on occasions when I squeeze them into tight,
cute looking shoes, heels and boots ignoring their silent screams.
When it comes to sweaty feet & odor, sometimes I believe it comes down to the shoe you
are wearing as oppose to your actual feet being to blame for that offending smell. I once had a
pair of boots which every single time I took them off I had to leave them outside my back door
to air out because the scent they gave off at the end of the day would take over my whole little
unit! No other shoe I wore did that, so I think it was just the cheaply made (yet super cute) boots
to blame.
Now a days when I am wearing sneakers or any kind of closed in shoe, I admit by the end of the
day my feet aren’t exactly floral fresh nor dry as they tend to sweat in those tight enclosed spaces.
It makes perfect sense to me to invest in a deodorant for your feet as I do for my armpits.
Both sweat and both produce a less than pleasant natural odor.  I have been using this anti-perspirant
by Scholl lately and it has been working a treat! The scent is light yet highly effective when sprayed
directly onto the sole of each foot at the beginning of the day to keep your feet smelling fresh andfeeling dry for a full 24 hours.

Available to purchase from Pharmacy Online for just 7.95! (AU)
I have used foot patches in the past and nothing beats these plastic ones with the inbuilt cushions!
They are discreet, soft and simply blend right into your feet. These patches come in two different
convenient sizes. The larger ones designed for the often cracked heels area of your foot and
the smaller for the sides where dry skin on feet & bunions are known to occur.
Both can be easily cut down or shaped into any size you require.
I admit, I have been quite ignorant and not used foot patches in quite some time. I spend most of my
time at home with the little ones bare foot, however recently I have dug out my good old (ridiculously uncomfortable)
super cute black ankle boots for the Autumn season which my feet
know all too well and cringe at the thought of them. However I cannot bring myself to part ways with
them as they match just about every single outfit I own and let me tell you, patching up my feet in
these Scholl Blister Shields has made wearing these almost bearable! I usually get those incredibly
tender fluid filled blisters on the back of both my heels and each side of my baby and big toes,
however since applying these when I wear these booties, I have blisters no more!!
My feet do still get sore after I have worn those shoes for a few hours though so I can’t push my
luck too far. But these definitely have helped!
Available to purchase from Pharmacy Online currently for just $7.50! (AU)

Are you kind to your feet?
What do you do to pamper them?
Let’s follow each other! 
*These products were kindly sent to me for consideration/review
*All photographs & opinions are all 100% honest & all my own