Stirling silver necklace w/Aurora Boreale stone

I have always had an obsession with unicorns and faeries and all things ‘made up’ or ‘not really real’. Whatever your opinion, I will always and forever be a believer. The idea of these fantasy made up creatures had to come from somewhere.

Anyway, these days unicorns in particular seem to have grown in their popularity amongst adults and children alike. From home decor, toys, books and now with the explosion of unicorn beauty products which seem to be everywhere!

With so many ‘Unicorn’ beauty collections currently flooding social media and online stores, it wasn’t hard for me to quickly notice and fall hook line and sinker for the fantasy collection created by Aussie brand Royal Essence. 

Royal Essence is not only Australian which I love to support my home grown companies. They are also ethical and cruelty free. Their products are all hand made and vegan which make them all the more appealing in an ever growing vegan society.

This Rainbow Unicorn Body Scrub comes in a huge 350g resealable rainbow holographic bag and contains a blend of the most beautiful violet scrub I have ever seen! The sand like consistency is made up of natural sea salt, coconut, grape seed and fragrance oils as well as biodegradable glitter which appears so finely ground and absolutely stunning!

I have used this is both the bath and shower as a gentle all over body exfoliant. It feels so gentle and invigorating on the skin and smells sooo delicious! The scent is said to be that of sweet wild berries, rich cake batter and sugar. However to me it just smells like sugary grape lollies, a sweet grape slushy or sweet grape sugar cupcake icing…. perhaps all mixed together. It just smells amazing, I cannot even get over it!

What makes Royal Essence products so appealing aside from everything I have already mentioned is that when you make a purchase almost all of their products contain a surprise piece of jewellery hidden inside valued anywhere from $90 to $5000!

Products range from their famous scented candles, diffusers, bath bombs, crumbles, scrubs, whipped soap and gift sets. 

The Royal Essence Rainbow Unicorn Body Scrub currently retails for RRP $24.97 and when you order you are able to choose weather you would like a ring (various sizes available for your preference), earrings or necklace.

Other tempting collections currently available include –

  • Fairy Dust
  • Mermaid Tears
  • Halloween

Afterpay available!
Shop now at – http://www.royalessence.com.au