Motherhood definitely has a lot of challenges and is a lot of hard work and self sacrifice, but I have to say, it is also the best thing in the world in my opinion. Being the ‘Mummy’ is magical.

It also means I get to capture cute moments with my newest little bundle of baby goodness. Meet Kyan, born October 6th 2018! How cute is he in his widdle ‘Tom The Cat’ bath towel from MiBaloo? I knooooow right?! ^-^

MiBaloo is an Australian company who make the softest most generous sized bath towels for your little one. They are made out of 80% bamboo and 20% cotton which makes them super soft, absorbent and gentle on delicate newborn baby skin. Kyan has been suffering from some pretty severe eczema over the past month and this towel set has been an absolute life saver come bath time!

The ‘hood’ design is clever because it helps keep baby’s head nice and toasty warm as I pat him down dry. The softness doesn’t irritate his itchy, red, flaking skin like other rougher towels I have used seem to do. 

The matching bath mitt is lots of fun too. We not only use it to wash him, Kyan also likes to practice his grab and hold skills with it as I dress him which keeps him nice and distracted from automatically scratching his face and body from the eczema. Once dressed in his jarmies he will then happily chew away on one of the little ears and it basically turns into his drool soaker/bib as the teething stage is beginning! The mitt most obviously also makes for a fun hand puppet as well. (Daddy is the best as this game).

MiBaloo towels are designed with newborns in mind. However I reckon this towel will easily see Kyan through his toddler years. 

MiBaloo currently have two towel collections available. To give you an idea, here are the animal sets you can choose from below depending on your bub’s fav animal or nursery theme.

Farm Collection

  • Sheep
  • Bunny
  • Puppy
  • Cat

Jungle Collection

  • Lion
  • Bear
  • Elephant
  • Giraffe

–  –  – 

Each bath towel comes with matching animal mitt and are currently $30 off for a limited time for only $49.95 each .

Did I mention I have a code for you for an extra 10% off that as well?

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MiBaloo generously offer FREE SHIPPING Australia wide only.

Shop here! —> http://www.mibaloo.com.au

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