Well, doesn’t it seem like Rimmel have gone above and beyond this year with all of the fab new products? I feel like I own just about every Rimmel London product out there and I use this brand more than any other, really I do!

I honestly think they are one of the top drugstore makeup brands and have even dedicated one of my videos showing you my makeup using just their products alone! Check it out here!

When it comes to doing my makeup, I have yet to get it perfect, but I have learned a lot over the years and one of the most important lessons I now swear by is to get your base right! This begins with your general health and skincare regime, but then it begins with a good makeup base. Get that down pat and you’ll be looking #Insta selfie flawless in no time!

Rimmel London #Insta Fix & Matte Translucent Powder

Now this here is the kind of powder I have been searching for! I wear makeup almost everyday for work and most of the time it can sit on my face for up to 10+ hours. My face isn’t overly oily, but it certainly isn’t dry in the slightest either. By about the middle of the day my face naturally starts to get that sheen and oil begins to build up on my t-zone.

This powder is sooo good to take with me on long days at work so I can touch up around mid afternoon when you can really begin to see the shine coming through my makeup, ew! The snap lock lid makes it really secure in my handbag and I just pack a little mini powder brush with me to
use with it. Works a treat and apparently you can also use this without makeup to soak up any excess oil throughout the day. Pretty cool I say!

The three shades from this trio from left to right are called – Dark Circles Cernes, Redness Rougeurs and Dullness Teint Terne. Honestly, I haven’t had a a lot of experience playing with correcting makeup. I am pretty lucky that my skin has been pretty good to me apart from a bit of acne which seems to have finally settled down over the past few years.

But what do you do when you have something new to try? You give it a good cracker of a go of course, why not!?

The first shade is a peachy pink which works to conceal dark under eye circles. I don’t really get darkness under my eyes unless I haven’t slept at all but after trying this I did see it did brighten up that area of my face which is a definite plus!

Isn’t it weird how a shade to help with redness on the skin is actually green in colour? However somehow it just works! I don’t suffer any redness on my face, BUT I do get the odd red rash on my neck for some reason for absolutely NO reason at all. The creamy texture of this makes it really easy
to work into my problem areas and conceals the rash instantly, it’s really very discreet!

Something I have learned recently with my skin, is that with ageing comes dullness! Boo! My skin especially gets dull when I am tired, haven’t drunk enough water or when I am stressed. These everyday issues aren’t as easy to hide as they once were. Now I just dab a little bit of the violet shade here and there on my face, usually just on the recommended areas like the middle of the forehead, lower cheeks and sides of the chin. I use this under my foundation but over my primer.

These three shades from lightest to darkest are named – Highlight Illuminer, Conceal Corriger and Contour Sculpter. “Conceal” and “Sculpter” yes, however I don’t really see the lightest shade doing much highlighting or illuminating. It is more of a light bronze/contour shade in my opinion. It doesn’t have any shimmer or glow to it at all and appears quite a few shades darker than my natural skin tone so for me it’s more of a shade to sculpt and define my features more than illuminating them.

The middle shade appears more of a skin toned colour as opposed to the first shade on the left which has more of a bronze tone to it. This middle shade also seems lighter than the first and is very close to my own skin colour. I have just been using this as an eyeshadow base which works pretty good actually as I can’t seem to use it for anything else.

The darkest shade is where we get to have some fun! It is a great shade for contouring and sculpting. It similar to the Benefit Hoola in cream form.

I have already reviewed the #Insta Flawless Skin Perfecter, so if you want to learn more you can check it out here.

I have been using the #Insta Fix & Go 3-in-1 Mist for quite a new months now and am quite enjoying the experience. The scent with the cucumber extracts makes it smell extremely refreshing and it is a light natural scent which is great for something you are spraying onto your face! If you have tried the Rimmel London mascara with the cucumber extracts they released about a year or so ago then it has the same scent as that!

The spray bottle distributes the formula quite fast and generously so you’ll want to hold it a good arm length away from you face when you spray it so you don’t get too wet and ruin your makeup. Doesn’t seem to matter too much for the priming stage however and if I get too much spray I just massage it into my skin, let it dry and then go ahead applying my makeup. No dramas. It dries quickly too which is great when you’re on a time crunch in the morning! It does a minimal job at minimising my pores, but does seem to keep my makeup in place throughout the day. I have not used this in the hot summer months when I am sure to be sweating so I will be interested to see how it holds my makeup on those kinds of days!

As always you can purchase these products and more from Rimmel from your local Priceline, Target, Chemist Warehouse, Big W and Woolworths.