Haircare is something I feel like is pretty important to all of us. Hair frames our face and covers the whole top of our heads. We brush, comb, straighten, curl, blow dry, cut, colour, bleach and style it about a million different ways. 

No wonder when I look at my 7yr old daughter’s hair I wonder where my own hair went wrong as mine used to look identical to her’s once upon a time. Beautifully long, the perfect shade of baby blonde and impossibly shiny and soft. 

There are hundreds of different products available to try to turn back the clock on old hagged looking hair. Here are a few new ones I have been trying out lately. My hair journey has some come a long way, it’s getting easier, slowly but surely!

Fanola - Nutri Care Restructuring Fluid Crystals Hair Serum

Do you use a hair serum? I have used several on and off over the years and with my hair type being naturally frizzy and not as naturally bleached and damaged, a serum really is something I need to incorporate and make time for in my haircare routine on the daily!

This serum is quite fragrant, but pleasantly so. It contains Aloe Vera & Linseed Oil which help to penetrate deep within each hair shaft, smoothing it down and repairing the damage in turn giving you shiny, soft and smooth hair which no longer snaps off, stretches or splits out into about a million different directions.

A few drops can be applied to either damp or dry hair.

Available in a 100ml glass pump bottle for current RRP – $29.94

Fanola - Nutri Care Restructuring Shampoo

You know those milk bottle chew lollies you can get? Like them? Good because if you’re going to use this product this is what your hair will smell like! The scent is an exact match! It’s totally delish!

If your hair is frizz prone, damaged and dry like mine is then this is the product you need to get your hair back into shape. 

The formula is a pearly white with the consistency of your regular shampoo. Not surprisingly it contains milk proteins which calm down and moisturise your hair. It’s also great for weak hair prone to breakage (which mine definitely is toward the ends) as the milk proteins work to strengthen the hair shaft much like milk strengthens our bones. Pretty cool I reckon! 

Available in both 350ml for $17.96 and 1000ml bottles for $34.94 each.

Fanola - Nutri Care Restructuring Conditioner

This matching conditioner smells just like the shampoo, however this also contains Linseed Oil with makes hair easier to detangle softening it and making it smooth and easier to manage. 

I have been slightly addicted to this duo lately, mainly as the scent reminds me a little bit of my absolute fav fragrance. Milk and honey. I feel like they’re from the same kind of scent family. I prefer these kinds of scents when it comes to bathroom products more so then strong perfume, soapy fragrant scents which I feel like over power my senses when I am trying to relax.

Available in both 350ml for $17.96 and 1000ml bottles for $34.94 each.

This is a product which isn’t actually entirely new to me as I have used a whole big bottle of this before. It really is a great investment if you have blonde hair to keep the brassy, orange and yellowish tones from overtaking your perfect tone. 

The formula is a very verrrry deep dark purple which is easy to use, much the same as any other shampoo with the same consistency. Just be aware, this product is not recommended to use on bleached hair which mine is, so it did make some of my lightest blonde turn a light violety blue. However this did fade quickly within a few days. At the end of the day it did really help at stripping the awful orange I did have throughout a lot of my hair after just one wash. I feel like this has a pretty powerful formulation to it and if you’re a natural or medium to dark blonde, then this shampoo would be ideal for you.

Something to keep in mind – Like most purple shampoos, this one isn’t overly moisturising, which is what you most likely need if you have blonde, coloured and bleached hair like mine. I would recommend using a deep conditioning treatment straight after shampooing, even sleeping with it in throughout the night if you can. (I occasionally do this on days where I have extra time in the morning to wash it out). 

Available in either 350ml for $23.90 or 1ltr bottles for $39.90 each. Alternatively if you just want to try it out first before you dive into a full size bottle. There are little 15ml sachets available to purchase for only $2.00.

So if you’re going to be using the Fanola No Yellow Shampoo, then I highly recommend following though with it’s cousin. The Fanola No Yellow Mask!

As I mentioned earlier, purple shampoos can be quite drying to the hair so using a multi-use toning and deep conditioning product straight afterwards is ideal. Unlike the matching shampoo, this mask is suitable for bleach blondes and with my experience using it it doesn’t cause as much of a violet tinge to my hair as the shampoo. Phew!

Fittingly, this product contains pressed grape and silk proteins which smooth and soften the hair, restoring the cuticles with proteins and moisture making it shine and feel soft and healthy. Best used on towel dried hair, however I just use it after squeezing excess water out of my hair in the shower and apply and leave it in for about 3-5 minutes before rinsing it out.

Available in both 350ml for $32.95 and 1ltr bottles for $47.95 each.


Fanola - No Orange Extra Blue Pigment Hair Mask

I have been using this hair mask on and off, but not on the regular, mainly because this one has been formulated to cater for those with much darker tones on blonde hair. As my hair is super light this mask quickly over tones my hair leaving it with a blue hue. However if I just use it quickly as my regular conditioner, then is isn’t too bad. Especially with my super bad regrowth I have going on at the moment. 

Being 5 months pregnant, I no longer bleach my own hair at home due to the overwhelming fumes, so I have been heading to the salon for touch ups. (Okay, so I have only been once in the last 5 months, so you can probably imagine my regrowth sitch.

The formula of this mask is exactly the same at the Fanola No Yellow Mask, only instead of it being a deep dark purple, it’s actually a deep dark blue! Much the same colour of the bottle actually.

The consistency is nice and thick but still super easy to work with. It does a nice job of detangling my hair in the shower and making it feel nice and smooth. I find once I have blow dried my hair, it is sooo much more silvery/white looking and a lot less yellow/orange. Achievement made!

Available in both 350ml for $32.96 and 1ltr bottles for $47.94 each as pictured.

You can purchase any of the products I have talked about today online at http://www.amr.com.au