Did you know other than looking at a woman’s neck, the next place to you can take a peek to get an accurate indication of someone’s age is their hands. When you think about it, our hands are one of the most used body parts, yet they’re so often left neglected as we concentrate on making sure our face isn’t ageing as fast as it can.

Thankfully since I am kind of obsessed with top to toe body moisturising, by doing so for so long using my hands, my hands aren’t looking that bad. However I have been slack at using actual hand products catered to specifically taking care of the skin in this area, the nails and palm.

That’s where this trio made by the trustworthy team at Enbacci comes in. Introducing three new products which will take care of your hands in all the good ways, even when cleansing which can usually be quite harsh and drying on our hands. 

The three products are – 

Brightening Hand & Nail Cream SPF15 40ml - $23

Since Spring has recently sprung I have been getting out more and more in the garden with the kids planting seeds collected from the recent Woolies promotion so my hands have definitely needed this product containing some essential SPF! 

I am usually pretty good at wearing my sun visor and applying sunscreen to my face and mainly my shoulders if they’re exposed as they ALWAYS buuuurn when I’m out in the sun. But my hands, I never normally think about when it comes to applying sun protection to them. Pretty silly really, since sun exposure to one of the most extreme and fastest ways to age your skin, not to mention can very well cause skin cancer and NOBODY wants to go there!

This ultra hydrating cream brightens and protects the skin, preventing and reducing the appearance of age spots and wrinkles and contains a rich, nourishing blend of shea butter, aloe vera, coconut oil and sweet almond oil in addition to vitamins A and E, making your hands look younger and more youthful.

This product is essential to apply to your everyday skincare routine, not to mention feels so nice to massage in especially in those drier areas. The formula soaks in fast too so you can quickly get on with the rest of your busy day!

This product doesn’t even smell nor does it feel anything like a sunscreen. All of these products have the same classic light Enbacci scent to them which is quite calming and neutral. This brightening skin cream doesn’t feel at all sticky or tacky when applied to the skin. Rather it soaks in so quickly, skin pretty instantly feels softer and smoother. 


Moisturising Hand & Nail Cream 40ml - $23

Ideal to apply at night right before bed is this ultra light scented smooth oil in cream. This product works cleverly to bring back your skin’s natural pH level which can diminish throughout the day from dehydration, sun exposure, soaps and other chemicals from cleaning, etc which make our hands feel dry and appear dull, cracked or even bleed. 

My hands definitely get a lot dryer in cooler weather to the point where they have cracked in the creases between my fingers. Since using this trio, my sore dry and cracked areas have completely healed and my hands are so much softer! I am so thankful for these products for doing that for me as they were getting quite fragile and sore.

This product contains essential fatty acids and vitamins which also help in producing collagen reproduction. (Kind of temped to also use this on my face..?!) So naturally anti-ageing, so makes a lot of sense to use all of these age defying products all together so you get a triple whammy of youthful goodness!

I have noticed since using this product daily over the period of about three months my nails which were totally spent (aka so soft you could bend them like paper) are now much stronger I can actually grow them and they look nice enough to occasionally treat them to a touch of polish when I feel the patience to sit and wait for the paint to dry. (Which isn’t very often but still).


Nourish Hand Wash 280ml - $28

Unlike a lot of hand washes which although effective in cleansing and killing harmful germs and bacteria can really dry hands out quickly especially if your lifestyle requires you to wash your hands more than on the average. This particular hand wash is safe to use on super sensitive skin types and is also suitable for the whole family to use! Mum, dad, kids, granny and grandpa…

This nourishing hand wash effectively cleanses and disinfects without stripping your skin of moisture. It actually softens and restores the skin’s pH balance and works to repair dry damaged skin cells. Impressive!

I love this super generously sized large pump style bottle as not only does it appear super trendy, clean and bright in my bathroom, it is so easy to use and smells great too! You only need to use a small amount of liquid per wash, it lathers up nicely and this bottle alone has lasted me months (at least the last three?) and I am still currently using it several times a day!

Enbacci products are cruelty free, made in Australia and all product packaging is recyclable and available to purchase online at http://www.enbacci.com with Afterpay also available!

Tip! – If you purchase this trio in their Hand & Nail Gift Pack currently available you will save yourself $9.00! That’s a great discount!

Want to learn about more Enbacci products?

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