Before my skincare and makeup obsession, back when I had empty shelves begging to be filled with an assortment of colour co-ordinated book spines. I had an expensive addiction to fantasy chick lit novels, dystopian fantasies and books about the after life and dream meanings!

Some of my favourites were those written by well known psychic, Alison DuBios and Lisa Williams. Both of whom I recommend Googling if you’re skeptical about things such as the afterlife and weather your loved ones are still with you. These women will give you all the good feels and hopefully a sense of reason and hope.

Since having kids, it has been hard to find the time to pick up an actual psychical book and actually finish one as any other mother I’m sure can relate when I say that time alone is simply non existent! 

However, I recently discovered the convenience of E-Books! I found these to be not only space saving, they are also super convenient to be able to read anywhere, anytime just by picking up my phone, iPad or laptop and begin scrolling through as I read. This has made it SO much easier to slip back into my reading addiction and recently I actually finished my very first e-book! Links to where you can get your own copy will be found at the end of this blog post. 

This book I am sharing with you today had me hooked, line and sinker right up until the very end and in turn I wanted to share my thoughts and some highlights of it with you.

If you’re ever wondered where we go after we die, if there is life after death, are our loved ones over on the other side still with us or need some comfort or are searching for some faith and hope, then this book might be worth picking up as I feel like Sandy’s story would be so relatable to millions and as I read I found myself nodding in agreeance with so much of what Sandy went through. 

So grab a cuppa and get comfy, you’ll want to add this to your must read list by the end!

Now, if you’re a little skeptical when it comes to the topics of the afterlife, psychics and that kind of thing. Fair enough. I completely understand that. Unless you have had your own spiritual experience which has left you completely flawed and second guessing your beliefs then just having faith, sometimes just doesn’t seem like enough.

This is especially apparent when life throws unexpected and sometimes even predictable circumstances in our path ways which challenge and test our abilities as how to deal with heartbreaking and the most painful emotional distress and sometimes our own physical situations test us hard right down to the core. Demanding proof in desperate times is better, comforting even and in some cases, books like this one where Sandy openly and honestly shares her own life and her own challenging experiences and raw emotions does just that. 

From unexplainable readings with psychics, dealing with death and crazy coincidences. I can guarantee you’ll be inspired and your mind challenged with thoughts and possibilities as you delve deep into the chapters of this book.

If you’re searching for something more, I highly recommend giving this book a chance. It might just give you the insight you’ve been searching for. 


Heaven Knows by: Sandy Coghlan is available on E-Book, Paperback & Hardback copies to purchase from Booktopia, Barnes & Noble, AU Amazon, US Amazon, UK Amazon, Kobo and Nook

Be sure to go over and show your love and support for this talented Australian author by following Sandy over on Facebook and Twitter.

You can also find out more about this book on the official Heaven Knows blog

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