Eyeshadow 5 Colours Sciomancer

A homage to the musician Yves Tumor. A harmony of deep and dramatically colourful shades with metallic and glitter finishes. In this initial offering, the Eyeshadow 5 colours is built around three stories: Sciomancer, Syren and Corporate Colours. Each palette features five pressed powder colours utilising three different finishes: matte, metallic and ultra-glitter. Lightweight and long-lasting with easy to blend textures, the palette encourages the wearer to apply with the fingertips – its five colours reflecting the five fingers. Intense, pure and radiant, the colours are housed in a distinctive metal ‘raindrop’ compact – the undulating, ergonomic metal case mimics the ripples of a drop falling on water. Here, there is a notion of the glamorous cosmetic cases of the past, now made for the future. Featuring: Ginger Hussy: an iridescent metallic orange Electric Love: a metallic electric purple Blue Marionette: a vibrant sparkling blue Karma: a metallic deep green Silver Gutter: top coat, black and sliver glitter