How-To Thick & Full Pony!
My Step-By-Step Guide! 
Step #1
Gather the top section of your hair just the same as
you would if you were creating a half up half down hair style.
Step #2
Pick up your Scunci thick pony tool and place it
underneath the gathered section of hair.
Step #3
Gather the rest of your hair up around the tool like you would
to create a normal pony.
Step #4
Reach for your snagless Scunci hair tie provided in the kit
and tie it around all of your hair.
Step #5
The black elastic will hold not only your hair,
but the Scunci tool securely in place as well.
Step #6
Make sure you cannot see the Scunci tool poking through
your hair and you’re good to go!
I love the look of fuller, thicker hair as I think it just makes it look so
much healthier and a little more glam. 🙂
I love sporting this look for something just a little bit different from my
normal routine.
What is your go to hair style?
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Thank you for reading!
Stay tuned for more hair style how-tos coming soon!
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