Talk about upping my skincare game lately! Have you ever noticed how Japanese women seem to hold onto their youthful appearance so much longer than other cultures? I have always wondered and admired their flawless looking skin. Even their older generation seem to age so gracefully, with such smooth and soft looking skin.

Perhaps one of their skin secrets lies in using premium earth minerals such as gold over millions of years? I’m not sure, however I have been using products which contain just that in these few from Sassou lately and the effects have been really pleasing!

Let’s begin by talking about this Gold Shimmering Essence EX. The formulation is a clear fluid which contains pure gold particles as well as hydrolysed collagen, honey, olive tree, white nettle, pinus sylvestris, lamium album flower, arnica montana flower and burdock root extracts. There are also plant based collagens and hyaluronic acids which help the skin to stimulate collagen generation slowing down the ageing process and keeping skin looking firm and smooth. 

It comes packaged in this half clear plastic gold pump designed bottle in a generous 30ml complete with gold round lid and sturdy thick cardboard box as pictured above.

I would describe this product as being a kind of luxe serum which can be used both morning and night after cleansing. Apply one small pump amount all over the face, neck and decollege and gently pat the product into the skin with your fingers until all gold particles are fully absorbed. 

It is quite an exhilarating experience, watching as flecks of actual pure gold soak into the skin. Makes me feel half royal, half faerie. 👑🧚

This product is made in Japan, suitable for all skin types and is currently available to purchase over at http://www.sassou.com however is due to be released to purchase in Australia this month and will retail for approx RRP of $200. 


I stopped using a soap bar as my facial cleanser in my mid teens, so it is interesting to me to find something like this still around. Stunningly pretty this product is however with it’s gold flecks throughout, how could I resist at least giving it a chance. Unlike a lot of soaps which dry out the skin, especially when used on the face, this cleansing bar is velvety soft and foamy! 

With ingredients including – Pure gold, coconut oil, honey, arnica montana Flower, angelica acutiloba root & white nettle extracts. This product is also packed full of Vitamin A, B, D, E, platinum powder and amino acids. These all work together to gently cleanse the skin of dirt and excess oil whilst also drawing out any gunk from deep within the pores. My skin feels so incredibly soft and surprisingly hydrated after cleansing my face with this. I am a little obsessed with the pampering, smooth, caring feeling.

As you can clearly see from my photo to the right, the cleansing bar foams up super well, and this happens very quickly and easily when you place the bar into the white net provided with a little luke warm water and a gentle rub for just a few seconds. Once you’ve done this, simply remove the cleansing bar from the net, place it back into it’s clear storage case as pictured above and squeeze the foam left behind in the net and you get what you can see in my hand here.

Rub hands together and generously lather the super soft foam all over your face and neck area. You can gently move the foam around as you cleanse for as long as you desire. Double cleansing with this product is encouraged and safe to do if you feel the need. This is another Sassou product which is 100% safe and suitable for all skin types.

This decent size 100g cleansing bar is about the size of the palm of your hand. I found the bar did not get at all sludgy or too soft when wet but instead remained hard and dense keeping it’s shape completely. This makes me believe that product to be a long lasting one as unlike other soaps which shrink quickly and fall apart from getting too soft this is the complete opposite whilst still providing a lot of foam with little effort. 

This Cleansing Bar is currently available online at http://www.sassou.com.au and retails for a steady RRP $100.

A premium price for a premium product. Remember this does actually contain pure gold! This is a beautiful luxe product you could add to your daily beauty routine if you have the budget to accomodate the price tag.

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Now here is an interesting product I had never heard of before. Initially by it’s name, I assumed this product would somehow puff up into some kind of ball. This however was not the case. This product has more of an in shower moisturising soap consistency to it and that is because that is exactly what it does. That and it also claims to shape/tone the body at the same time. 

With ingredients including – bamboo charcoal extract, wheat germ oil, rosemary oil, plantinum, Japanese pearl extract, coffee bean extract and lavender oil, this blend is super moisturising to the skin from the oils and the firming comes from the coffee bean and pearl extracts. This is such a unique and interesting enticing mix of ingredients which combined create a lovely scent which makes using this product a very relaxing and enjoyable experience.

So how do you use this Essential Marble Puff? In a unique way of course! It says to apply this puff with dry hands to dampened skin. You then massage it all over your face and body for 5 to 10 minutes. I have found the easiest way to use this is to just shower as normal, turn off the water. (I currently have a handy little seat in the shower as I am 8 1/2 months pregnant) so I will just sit down and shave my legs or apply a deep hair treatment as I let my body slightly dry. By this time my skin is ready to begin massaging the Essential Marble Puff all over before rinsing off. 

The product leaves my whole body feeling super pampered, soft and smooth and smelling fresh! This products is currently available from the Sassou website for a RRP $150 for 100g. Mine pictured below I believe is be a much smaller sample size however, so be sure to check the website for a more accurate sized image of the product.

Link to this product here!