My hair has had quite the life journey in it’s thirty seven years on this earth. From being a natural blonde as a kid to it turning darker and darker as I got older. Once I his eighteen and could do whatever I wanted, I went to the extreme and bleached my super dark natural brown hair Playboy Bunny blonde. And that is how it stayed for many years. 

Up until recently I had been a do-it-yourself bleach your hair at home kinda girl and my hair paid the price for it. It’s only over the past couple of years that I’ve put my trust into some decent hair professionals to put the highlights through my hair for me. Since then my hair has become much healthier, but still not anywhere near as healthy as it could be.

A couple of weeks ago I gave my locks a much needed chop and most of the damaged blonde is long gone and I am loving my new shorter look. I still have quite a bit of blonde left over on the ends which I want to embrace and take good care of and that is where these Marc Daniels products come in which I have been using over the past few weeks and they have made a massive positive change in my hair’s health and appearance. I am so excited to tell you all about them!

More of a visual person? Not in the mood for reading? That’s fine, just click on that video above and watch my review instead!

So let’s start at step one! Shampooing the hair. Typically, I tend to only wash my hair once a week. I don’t use much product in my hair at all. To be honest I am such a busy mum, I’m usually just throwing it up into a bun or pony tail first thing in the morning after combing my fingers through it before heading out the door to drop the kids off at school or heading off to work. Thankfully, my hair tolerates this well and doesn’t look too bad or get knotty especially now that it’s cut short. 

In saying that, having my hair short, cuts my hair washing time by more than half, which was half the reason why I only washed it once a week. Because I just didn’t have the time nor could I be bothered to spend a good half an hour in the shower shampooing and conditioning all of that hair. It was exhausting and with three kids to tend to, I just have too much other stuff going on that I need to do in my mummy night time routine and it doesn’t include any kind of “me time”!

So, my point is, now that my hair is short I can get it washed quickly in just a few minutes and get on with trying to make it be bed before midnight! (Why I didn’t cut it sooner, I kick myself now for being such a wussy stubborn coward!) Anyway, since using this Marc Daniels Lush Luminous Blonde Shampoo, my hair just radiates the remaining blonde. It has no orange, brassy tones to it at all and it feels amazing!


Onto the matching conditioner. This creamy dream formula contains a herbal blend of ingredients including an infusion of Blue Cypress Oil to neutralise the blonde colour in your hair as well as calming down frizzy hair and hydrating each hair follicle making it shine on the outside whilst being healthy on the inside.

Like all Marc Daniel products, this vegan friendly product is also cruelty free and doesn’t contain any added sulphates or parabens which is super great! You hair definitely doesn’t feel weighed down after using it and my hair has never felt smoother or felt so soft! Oh, and did I also mention how it makes my hair smell clean and fresh for literally days on end!

To top off this Lush Luminous Trio is this amazing leave in toner! I love this so much because it’s the quickest and easiest to use and get’s the job done well. 

You only need to use a tiny amount of this light purple leave in toner and it melts into your hair like silk making it look shiny and smooth. 

You can use this on both wet or dry hair which also makes this product so convenient because you don’t have to think about it, you can just apply it whenever you feel like it or whenever is most convenient for you. I like to apply this either after showering and washing my hair with the Lush Luminous Shampoo and Conditioner on towel dried hair or some mornings when I’m getting ready on dry hair if it’s looking a little dull or lack lustrous.

Depending on your hair length and thickness the amount you need to use will vary. With my hair being a little longer than shoulder length and medium thick, I only use about a ten cent piece size amount and that is more than enough to coat the bottom half and ends of my hair.

This product leaves my hair smelling and feeling fresh and tame making it so easy to manage and style. The toner doesn’t make your hair feel stiff or like you can feel any product in it at all and there is absolutely no greasy feeling. If anything my hair feels hydrated at the ends where my blonde is the most which means I no longer have that awful crunch feeling on the ends of my hair from all of the bleach damage. 

If you want to make your hair stronger, therefore growing it faster and making it appear shinier because it’s healthier, then this is the product for you!

Not only does this product deeply condition the hair and make it feel super soft, the chamomile also aids in enhancing your natural hair colour bringing vibrance and clarity to your own unique shade. 

With ingredients including organic plant extracts, this thick white formula has a lovely chamomile scent with chamomile flecks visible throughout it. 

I love using this product 1-2 times per week, leaving it sit in my hair whilst I shower for at least 3-5 minutes. Once I rinse the product out I can instantly feel my hair is smoother and once my hair is dry it feels sooo different! Definitely a good hair treatment to invest it that’s going to last you ages as this massive 500g pot is huge and you only need a small amount of product per use.

This product is designed to help nourish and repair harshly damaged hair back to good health again. Especially perfect for bleach blondes and colour treated hair which are more prone to hair breakage, dryness and dull, lack lustrous hair. 

With my blonde hair being majorly prone to dryness and damage (one of the main reasons I cut it) this product has definitely helped with that over the past few weeks of using this along with these other Marc Daniels products. 

No longer do I feel that awful crunch sound where my blonde is because my hair feels fully repaired, hydrated and back to good health again. 

This product is also great at getting rid of product build both on the scalp and in your hair. It leaves your hair feeling lighter and I’ve noticed the build up on my own scalp has completely gone away.