As a fourth generation Aussie, I love my home grown products, in particular skincare! Nothing beats the natural aroma of a non toxic, chemical free, pure and raw product and Green + Bare do it amazingly well to embody that. Their Australian made and owned simplistic range of highly concentrated, intentional products include a diverse range of targeted powder clay masks to suit a range of skin types including:

Pink Clay for dry/dull/uneven skin
Purple Clay for uneven/dull/ageing skin
Nude Clay for acne prone skin with excess oil
Yellow Clay for irritated/dull/neglected skin
Green Clay for dull/damaged/ageing skin

They also have a selected range of naturally fregrant, multi-use Floral Waters including:

Orange Blossom Water is hydrating and refeshing. Ideal for sensitive skin types. 
Lavender Floral Water is calming and soothing. Also great for those with sensitive skin. 
Rose Floral Water is soothing and hydrating. Works great a balancing out the skin, so if you have either oily or dry skin, this will sort out your natural pH levels.

I loooove me some skincare oils and Green + Bare have three I am dying to try including some of my all time favourite oils in skincare.

Golden Jojoba Oil – A multi-use oil which can do a multitude of things for your skin. In my opinion it is one of the healthiest oils you can feed your skin. I have used Jojoba Oil in my skincare routine many times in the past and found it just amazing!
Apricot Kernel Oil – Is highly beneficial for more mature skin that tends to be more dry and prone to fine lines and wrinkles. As this oil is so high in Vitamnin E, it is extremely good at helping your skin keep it’s strength and elasticity. It is also super hydrating as well. 
Rosehip Seed Oil – A highly popular skincare oil over the past ten or so years. This oil hydrates and evens skin tone and improves the overall appearance and texture of the skin.


To give you a quick run down on my own skin type and how these two products I have been using lately have been beneficial. I am thirty-eight years old, thanks to minimal sun exposure, low key lifestyle and genetics, I only have some light fine lines around my eyes and forehead which is mainly only noticeable when my face is animated. (Smiling, laughing, etc). My skin is neither oily nor dry. Have some light acne scaring on my cheeks. Face is generally clear and no longer breaks out. 

Due to the nature of my lifestyle. Being a mum of three, working my day job and being an Influencer every other second of my life. This leads to many late nights & early mornings which can make my skin appear dull, lack lustre and puffy especially under my eyes in the morning. 

These two products are a great combo for my skin because together they cleanse, hydrate, firm and re-balance my skin giving it a much needed boost whilst soothing and refreshing it at the same time. Needless to say I have really cherished, appreciated and welcomed these products into my skincare routine of late!

This fabulous multi-use floral Orange Blossom Water is definitely a new skincare favourite of mine hands down! As with any skincare mist or spray, ideally when kept stored in your beauty fridge the feeling when applied is amplified. 

This naturally fragrant, plant based healing liquid contains the beautiful Neroli flower extract which gives a refreshing almost citrus floral like scent which feels light and uplifting on the skin and when you breathe it in. When spritzed onto the skin which can be not only to the face, but anywhere on your body it hydrates, tones, brightens the skin as well as strengthening skins elasticity. 

Recommended to use after cleansing the skin so it can soak it and get to work. It refines and tightens enlarged pores, balances the skin’s natural pH level, reducing excess oil and reducing fine lines. 

This product is the perfect pair to the Pink Clay Mask as it can be used in place of water to mix into the powder for an even more effective result. In fact you can use any of Green + Bare’s Floral Waters with any of their loose Clay Masks of your choosing.

Stored in a 100% recyclable glass 100ml spray bottle. This product is a real treat for your skin, especially on these hot Summer days for a refreshing cool spray for body and face. 
This multi-use product can also be used as a linen spray, room spray or natural deodorant!

Pink Clay Masks have taken centre stage in the skincare boom over the past couple of years and I can see why. Australian Pink Clay is so skin nourishing and when blended with other skin benefiting ingredients into a highly concentrated powder, this mask works in so many ways all at once with just one application. Targeting for mature, dehydrated and combination skin. This mask is fantastic at drawing out impurities from the skin and soaking up excess oil. 

Included within this pale pink super soft mix you’ll find Australian Pink Kaolin Clay, Zeolite minerals, Oatmeal, Citrus Grapefruit, Rose and Strawberry extract. All ingredients are raw, natural, toxic & chemical free. So it’s no wonder this mask is rated 5 stars because it is such a lovely product to use and apply to the skin. When mixed with the Green + Bare Orange Blossom Floral Water and applied to the skin, it feels incredibly smooth and soothing. I feel very relaxed and treated whenever I use this mask. 

It is very simple to mix together and apply. I used approximately one teaspoon of the Pink Clay Mask mixed with equal amounts of Floral Water and then glide is over my face with a clean cosmetic brush. You can leave it on to dry for up to 10 minutes before rinsing with warm water and a wash cloth. (It recommends to remove before the mask is completely dry).

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Green + Bare are definitely a skincare brand I recommend checking out. They also offer their products in a range of different bundles as well, which are really fun and offer a great range to get you introduced to their products. You can also save yourself 10% if you sign up to their newsletter to stay up to date on all of their news. Not only that there is also a super helpful Skin Quiz you can take to help you choose which products would work best for your skin type AND once completed they will very generously give you $10.00 off your first order! Nice!

Once you become a fan of Green + Bare it’s well worth looking into their VIP Club which offers a points system which = rewards and further discounts and special offers. They really know how to look after their customer base!

Don’t forget to click the video at the start of this article to watch these products in action as I demonstrate them for you and chat more about them. 🙂
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